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It is probably plugs. I suggest a good tune up. GoodluckJoe

It could also be a SMALL Vacume leak that shows up when everything swells as it heats it. (use Vac guage to check, also wires and plugs are a good bet)

Just a thought: If I remember right #5 and 7 fire back to back. You might try looking to see if those wires are in contact with each other. If so, either darken your garage or wait till nightfall and watch for arcing between the #5 and 7 wires where they come in contact. If the wires are "bad" #5 might be advance firing #7 causeing your "miss". Check your radiator for oil and oil for water. with radiator cap off see if pressure builds up, like alot of air if it does build up pressure you either cracked a head or head gasket causing it to apear as a miss insted of a dead cylider. you don't have to wait till dark you can simply hear it doing this. it will make a ticking sound if it is an arc and the solution will be to replace the wire. if you want to find out which cylinder is At Fault remove one wire at a time and crank engine. when thre makes no difference in engine idle with wire on or off you located the cylinder at fault.

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Q: If your 1989 Camaro 5 7 TPI misfires after the temp comes up what would cause this?
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What would cause gas to come out of your exhaust?

incorrect engine timing so that it misfires

What would cause Smith and Wesson 66-1 misfires?

Mechanical issue, ammunition issue.

What would cause a single cylinder missfire even after plugs coil pack injectors.?

Wiring and internal engine problems can cause misfires.

Can a bad belt tensioner cause misfires?

In theory, it could, but in all practicality, it would not. The four main causes of misfires are faulty sparkplugs, bad spark plug wires, bad fuel injectors or a loss of compression.

What transmission comes in a automatic 1994 Z 28 camaro?

That would be the 4L60E

What would cause your 1996 grand prix gtp with the 3.4 dohc to have single and multiple cylinder misfires?

Your 1996 Pontiac Grand Prix will experience cylinder misfires when one or several of the spark plug wires are bad. A bad spark plug can also cause the problem.

What would cause multiple misfires?

Wet/damp/faulty ignition wires, contaminated fuel (water), worn out spark plugs.

What would cause a 94 camaro z28 to turn over but have no spark?

burned rotorbug

What would cause a coolant fan not to work on a V6 camaro?

try turning on the fan switch in the car

What would cause a 1999 Daewoo Lanos SE 1.4 liter to run poorly where the engine seems to roar but lacks power?

Yes, as the mixture would run lean and possible misfires could occur.

Will a hood from a 1995 Camaro fit a 2001 Camaro?

No, only a 98-02 Camaro hood would fit an 01 Camaro

What would cause my air only to blow out of the floor vents and not the panel vents in a 1995 Camaro?

The most likely cause would be a vacuum leak at the rear of the engine or a defective selector switch.

What would cause a rough idle after driving on a 1985 camaro V8 tuned-port fuel injection then check engine light comes on?

a plug misfiring would cause the rough idle and check engine light or if u changed the plugs and wires u could have put the plug wires in the wrong order

What would cause a 1992 Camaro with auto trans to idle rough when put into gear?

Sounds like a vacum leak to me.

Would it be ok to run a 3.8 rs camaro without a muffler?

No. It will cause a problem with both back pressure and noise.

What would cause the fuel gauge on a 84 camaro to read full then drop to empty?

Faulty signal sender in the tank.

What would cause your 1991 Chevy Camaro v6 to idle erratic between 2000 and 2500 RPM?

Driver error.

Who would win between a Veilside fortune rx7 and a 2010 Camaro?

The 2010 Camaro would win.

What would cause multiple misfires on a 1999 Honda crv 4 cylinder?

POSSIBILITIES: Faulty spark plug - faulty ignition wire - distributor rotor needs replacing - distributor needs replacing. The most common cause of multiple misfires on the B20 / P75 engine used in the 1999 CRV is valve recession. this is a well documented problem on these engines. Repair usually requires replacement of the head.

What would win in a race a 1996 v6 Camaro or a 2000 v6 mustang?

the mustang would blow the camaro away no camparison. exspecially if the camaro has 176,000 miles on it. the mustang would blow the camaro away no camparison. exspecially if the camaro has 176,000 miles on it. This guy has no idea what he is saying. Mustang @ crank meaning all out 193 camaro 200 stock and about 210 @ crank So do the math camaro

What would cause a 1995 Chevrolet Camaro 3.4L to run rich?

There are several things that can cause a rich condition. To eliminate the guesswork it would be cheaper to have a shop diagnosis the problem. The map sensor and the fuel pressure regulator are 2 things that can be the cause.

What would be the likely cause of a randon misfire code P300 on a 96 GMC Sierra 5.7 liter?

Try changing the fuel filter. It'll be fuel or spark related, so start with the cheapest thing. The problem was the distributor cap, I put a standard motor cap and a AC-Delco cap on it. Water would get up and cause the misfires. Summit has Accel products at a good price (less than AC-Delco and Standard). Its been 6+ months and no misfires.

What would win in a race a 1993 Camaro z28 or a 2003 Chevy silverado?

The Silverado comes with a lot of different GVW capacities and engines. I think if the Silverado was a half-ton regular cab short bed with the biggest engine package, it would be a very close race for the Camaro.

Would a stock 305 iroc Camaro beat a stock plymoth lazer stock turbo?

The camaro would win.

In a 90 Camaro What would cause the 3rd and 4th gear to go out on an automatic trans?

try changing both the a & b shift solenoids