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Have the vehicle checked for trans codes. It is very likely a electrical problem with a sensor. It may be the TPS. Dan

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Q: If your 1994 E350 van 58 4 speed auto is downshifting late is this caused by the speed sensing switch?
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Downshifting refers to the process of?

Shifting into a lower gear, most often as you reduce speed.

Can you shift from 6th gear right into neutral on a motorcycle?

you can on most, but it is harder on the transmission than downshifting as speed decreases.

How a fan's speed varied?

with a variable speed switch

Where is the speed control deactivation switch on 1999 Ford F250?

speed control switch inside trans

Where is the speed control switch located on 1995 Plymouth voyager?

The speed control switch is on the steering wheel.

Is downshifting okay in a 4 speed Automatic Mazda RX-8 to slow the car down?

Yes. But brakes are cheeper than transmissions and engines. Use them

What causes hunting on an x reg focus 1.8 petrol engine?

If you mean hunting at idle, the problem is caused by the idle speed being set too high or the idle switch is not properly adjusted. When the throttle is closed as indicated by the idle switch the fuel is cut off by the fuel cut solenoid until the engine speed drops below a preset speed. If the engine speed is higher than that speed and the idle switch is closed there is no fuel for the engine, thus the engine speed drops. When it drops below the preset speed the fuel is turned on and the engine speed goes back up.

How do you wire a ceiling fan speed control switch?

A ceiling fan speed control switch is wired the same as an ordinary off- on switch. If it is a replacement, look at the wires connection on the existing switch and connect the new speed control the same way.

How do you use cruise control on 2004 grand prix?

Find the control switch located on the steering column. Push the end of the switch in to turn on the cruise control, push again to turn it off. When you get to the speed you want, push down on the switch to set. To coast, pull the switch towards you to disengage. To resume the previous speed, push up on the switch. To adjust speed while driving, push down on the switch to lower speed. Push up on the switch to increase speed. If you just tap the switch up or down, it will adjust the speed in approx. 1 mph increments.

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Anenometers usually measure wind speed, but can also measure wind pressure as well.

What causes your car to speed up when ac engages?

Vehicle could have a solenoid type switch to increase idle to compensate for load on engine caused by A/C compressor

1970 Chevrolet high speed blower switch not working?

replace the switch.

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