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U need 2 fix the FLUID leak !! Either a bad Master Cylinder-wheel Cylinder-Calipher-or Brake lines THE Pedal goes 2 the floor because of AIR in the System & needa 2 Be Bled=& follow the CORRECT PATTERN for BLEEDING.depending on the Vehicle.


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Q: If your 92 Corsica ran dry of brake fluid and you added fluid but the brake pedal still goes to the floor what do you do next?
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What causes brake to go down to floor if brakes have been replaced?

Air in the brake system- Brake system needs to be bleed and fluid needs to be added while you are doing that.

Can you use brake fluid in a floor jack?


If brake fluid is accidentally contaminated by a repair shop could the brakes fail within 5 miles of the shop?

If non brake fluid is added to the master cylinder, possibly.If non brake fluid is added to the master cylinder, possibly.

Can worn brake pads make your brake pedal to go to the floor?

no you have a brake fluid leak somewere

How do you add brake fluid to a 1998 Chrysler Town and Country?

It is important to keep brake fluid in a car. Brake fluid is added to a 1998 Chrysler Town and Country, under the hood into the reservoir labeled 'brake fluid'.

Where does brake fluid go in a 2005 dodge neon?

Brake fluid is added to the brake master cylinder reservoir, under the hood on the driver side.

What is floor leak front drivers side on 1989 Olds Cutlass Ciera brake fluid or coolant?

This is an easy one... Is the fluid green? if it is, it's coolant.. if not, its brake fluid.

What causes brake pedal to go all the way to the floor on 1997 stratus?

A brake fluid leak in the system would do that. Check the brake fluid reservoir. If it is empty you are in need of brake work asap!

How do you add brake fluid to Chevrolet Lumina?

The fluid is added to the brake master cylinder. it is mounted under the hood on the firewall on the driver side.

Brake fluid on floor board Volvo?

chances are its a leaking brake booster or rear seal on master cyl.

Should engine be warm when brake fluid is added?

It doesn't matter,

1997f-350 brake pedal goes to floor?

ouch,are brakes adjusted correctly/ sit in vehical and pump pedal to get a full pedal,then hold pedal to see if it bleeds off and goes to floor,if it stays, replace shoes and pads if it goes to floor, there is a fluid leak somewhere is there brake fluid in the resevoir/ are there any brake fluid leaks ,check backside of wheels there is a brake fluid pump, on the chassis rail about level with the front of the front door on the left side.if this pump is bad your pedal will go to the floor

How do you know if the master cylinder is going out?

The brake pedal will sink to the floor when applied and the brake fluid reservoir remains full.

Where do you add brake fluid on a 2001 Chrysler Town and Country Limited?

Brake fluid is added to the brake master cylinder, under the hood on the driver side, back near the base of the windshield.

Where to put brake fluid in an 1989 Dodge Spirit?

Before you add brake fluid, are you SURE you need to add some? Because as brake pads wear, the brake fluid level goes down, but the brake pads need to be replaced then, BEFORE any brake fluid is added. Otherwise, when the brake pads ARE replaced, there will be too much brake fluid in the reservoir, and it will flow out when the pistons are pushed back into it's bore, to make room for the new pads. -Tom.

Why does brake pedal go to floor on 1989 4x4?

check your brake fluid level. its probably empty for some reason...leak? If the fluid level is correct than you most likely have air in the brake lines and will need to have the brake lines bled.

What happens when you run out of brake fluid?

The brake pedal will go to the floor but will have absolutely no effect on stopping the vehicle. When you push on the brake pedal it moves the fluid through metal tubes (called brake lines) to force the brake pads against the rotor which slows and stops the car. No fluid means nothing is in there to make the brake pads engage the rotors.

What causes your brake peddle to go to the floor with out stopping?

A leak in your brake line, or very low brake fluid, both of which are extremely dangerous and should be fixed at once.

Where is the brake fluid cylinder on a 47 Plymouth?

under the floor directly under and behind pedals

What type of brake fluid do you put in a 71 vw bus?

Brake fluid added must meet SAE recommendation J 1703 and conform to Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 116. Brake fluid should be changed every two years.

Where do you add brake fluid in a 2003 Chrysler town and country?

The brake fluid reservoir is under the hood on the driver side. The fluid is added to the master cylinder with the yellow cap back near the wiper cowl.

Where do you put clutch fluid in a 1995 ford escort?

It uses brake fluid in the brake fluid reservoir. The clutch fluid (brake fluid) is fed by the brake fluid reservoir. The clutch fluid reservoir is just beneath the brake fluid reservoir. So, add fluid to the brake fluid reservoir to fill the clutch fluid, also.

When do you refill the brake fluid in your car?

It is recommended that brake fluid be added if it is low. We usually see marks on the dipstick (on vehicles that have them) or on the side of the brake fluid reservoir. The marks will usually say "full" or "low" and can be used as indicators as to if and when to add brake fluid. There is one more thing. Manufacturers and service professionals usually recommended that brake fluid be changed every two years. Brake fluid is hygroscopic, which means it absorbs water. If brake fluid absorbs atmospheric moisture over a period of time, the boiling point of the fluid will drop. Under extreme conditions, the fluid could boil causing catastrophic failure of the brakes.

Just changed your front and rear brakes and shoes. The brake light turns on until you put in more brake fluid. The brakes feel if they were almost touching the floor at times. What could cause this?

If you are losing fluid and the pedal is low, you have a brake fluid leak.

Brake pedal almost goes to the floor before it engages the brakes?

Probable causes: Low or no fluid in reservoir; Worn brake pads/shoes; Air in brake lines; Leaking brake line.