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I would talk to a Lawyer first to see if it is someone's faught why there is a sinkhole. And check with your neighbor's to see if they are having problems. Or if you let the bank take it then you will be responsible for the difference in what the house is auctioned off for and what you owe on it. Or I would maybe try to sell it as is. That would be your best bet. Now thisis how it is done in Ohio. You might want to check the laws in Florida. Good Luck * There is not such an action as a "voluntary foreclosure". If the lending contract is defaulted and the property abandoned by the borrower the same procedure will apply as if the borrower defaulted unintentionally. Likewise the foreclosure action would be entered on the borrower's credit report and would remain for the required 7 years. As noted, the best option would be to seek legal advice, as trying to sell property that is a potential danger without knowing the legal issues involved would not be advisable.

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Can a property with easement can be foreclosure?

The easement does not affect the mortgage. Therefore, the foreclosure can continue.

How does a Deed in Lieu Foreclosure affect Socia security benefits?

Deed in Lieu is as bad as a foreclosure.

Does a Deed in lieu of foreclosure affect credit the same as a foreclosure?

Deed in lieu of foreclosure is not nearly as devastating to your credit as is a full foreclosure. Below is an article about the pros and cons of deed in lieu.

Do you still owe to a creditor that has a lien on your property and you lose it in foreclosure?

Yes. The foreclosure does not affect the other debt.

Does foreclosure affect us immigration status?

No, foreclosure doesn't affect immigration status. Now, if you commit crimes, then you may jeopardize your potential to become a citizen.

How do sinkhole affects ecosystems?

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How do mountains affect Florida?

they affect florida by not doing anything

How will a voluntary repossession affect your purchasing a car within a year from the voluntary repossession?

A repossession is a repossession, no matter if it is voluntary or not. Your credit will be ruined for 7 years.

Will the oil spill affect Florida?

It will affect Florida, but we need to know how.

How did glacier affect Florida?

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How long may a foreclosure judgment affect someone in Minnesota?

usually 7 years

Will a foreclosure from someone's past affect their spouse's credit?

Will my future wife's forclosure effect me?

How long does a voluntary repossession affect your credit rating?

7 years.

If my mother is an authorized user on my credit card and she is currently in the process of foreclosure would her foreclosure as an AU affect your credit?

No, having her listed as an authorized user will have no impact on your credit score.

Does foreclouse affect the spouse credit who is not on the mortgage?

No. A foreclosure affects only the borrower and anyone else who signed the mortgage.No. A foreclosure affects only the borrower and anyone else who signed the mortgage.No. A foreclosure affects only the borrower and anyone else who signed the mortgage.No. A foreclosure affects only the borrower and anyone else who signed the mortgage.

What happens to your credit on a short sale?

A short sale will have a detrimental affect on your credit record but not as bad as a foreclosure.

How does a foreclosure affect an investor purchasing a property at auction?

the person could go into a lifetime of debt....NOT GOOD!

If I have a foreclosure on my credit will it affect me in trying to buy real estate?

If you are paying cash, NO. If you are financing it with a bank loan, usually it will. Depends on how long ago the foreclosure occured and the individual policies of the bank you are trying to get a loan from.

What to do if your name is the thrid name on a time share deed that was foreclosed on?

All three owners are equally responsible for paying the mortgage and the foreclosure will affect all owners equally. You can avoid foreclosure by paying the mortgage.

Will a voluntary repossession from your spouse affect your credit?

Yes, but perhaps not as adversely as an involuntary repossession.

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How long does a foreclosure stay on your credit report and affect it?

7 years + 180 days from date of first delinquency.

What happens if you are a cosigner on a house that is being foreclosed on?

The foreclosure will affect your credit record. You are fully responsible for paying the loan.

Does a voluntary repossession affect credit the same way as a reposession?

Yes, there is no difference. A repossession is a repossession.

How does a voluntary repossession affect your credit?

it's all the same whether you turned it in or they picked it up

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