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No, it does not mean that you are in high risk of a misscarriage. The Doctor will normally give a due date with an ultrasound but with a variable of 2 weeks before or after the due date. No worries!

Thank you! I also did some other research, and i guess since I just came off the pill, that could have thrown off my ovulation for that month, which could throw off my due date.

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Q: If your due date from your period differs from your ultrasound due date does that mean high risk of miscarriage?
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If an ultrasound says you are 17 weeks and 3 days pregnant is that the day you conceived or would it be that date plus an extra 2 weeks?

That means it is the date conceived (or within 48 hours of). It is never right on, but within a week of. Go by what the ultrasound says. No, if your ultrasound says 17 weeks and 2 days that would be that date plus 2 extra weeks, that is around the time of your last period, unless you have irregular periods or conceived straight after a miscarriage or something. The length of pregnancy is always measured from your last period even by ultrasound.

How accurate is an ultrasound if you do not remember your period?

If you do not remember the date of your last period you can have an ultrasound to determine your due date. More than one ultrasound throughout your pregnancy may be required because ultrasounds are not always accurate. They could be out as little as a couple of days by a matter of weeks.

Is my due date different if I conceived while on my period?

It is extremely unusual to conceive during a period, but you may need an ultrasound scan to confirm your due date.

What's the difference between galmp and gaedd when an ultrasound is performed?

GA is gestational age which is how far pregnant you are. LMP is last menstrual period, which is the date of the first day. EDD is estimated dte of delivery (40 weeks from the LMP) The EDD may be changed if the ultrasound gestational age differs from the age by LMP by a lot.

How months are you pregnant if you mis your period for a month?

You need to confirm the pregnancy first and a ultrasound will date your pregnnacy.

How can you work out your due date if your last period lasted for 3 weeks?

I think you are going to have to go with the ultrasound on this one.

Your ultrasound showed that you are 6 weeks pregnant but you should be 9 could that mean you are having a miscarriage?

An ultrasound at 6 weeks should show a fetal heartbeat, if there was a fetal heartbeat you're not miscarrying.. It's probable you estimated your due date wrong.

How do I know when I got pregnant?

The doctor or midwife will go by the date you started your last period, or by the size of the embryo at the first ultrasound.

How does an ultrasound detect when your last period was?

An ultrasound does not detect when your last period was. An ultrasound measures the size of your baby compared with the millions of others that have been scanned and gives an estimated date of delivery. Up to about 20 weeks of pregnancy all babies are about the same size. After that the size of the baby depends more and more on genetics and nutrition. Counting back 40 weeks from the estimated date of delivery gives an indication of when the last period might have been.

When given a dating ultrasound do you need to subtract two weeks for an actual date?

When you have a dating ultrasound you are given an EDD (estimated date of delivery) If you count back 40 weeks from this date it should be about when your last period was. If you do not have a regular cycle they may not correlate exactly. 38weeks back from your EDD is approximately when you conceived.

Why would the Fetus measuring small on ultrasound Is there anything to be worried about when my due date is Feb. 17 and ultrasound is saying the fetus measures for a due date of Feb. 27?

That's only a 10 day difference. The doctor may have just miscalculated the due date. Your due date is 40 weeks from the first day of your last period.

When did you conceive if your ultrasound said 10 weeks sept 4?

It would be around 8 weeks before the ultrasound date, since you are not actually pregnant for the first two weeks. Pregnancies are dated from your last period. So period on day one, conceive around 14 days after that and therefore '2 weeks pregnant' at that date of conception.

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