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No, as long as he & his x-spouse are divorced. Then it is fine.

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Q: If your fiance's ex-spouse gets married does he still need an annulment to get married in the church?
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If you were married in a courthouse and got divorced do you need an annulment to be married a second time by a Catholic priest?

The only time you need to have an annulment is if one or both of you were married in the Catholic ChurchAnswer: Yes you'll need to obtain an official decree of annulment from the Catholic Church before you can be married again, this time in the Church. Such an annulment can be obtained pretty quickly though. Contact your parish priest.

Can a couple be married in the Catholic Church if one of them has been previously married in the Church and is now divorced?

No, not without an annulment.

Does a non-Catholic have to get an annulment to get married in the Catholic Church?


Does a Catholic need an annulment if he was married by a Baptist minister to a Baptist woman and they later divorced?

If you were not married in the Catholic Church, this marriage was not recognized and therefore not necessary for an annulment.

Can a divorced non-Catholic not married in a Catholic Church remarry in a Catholic church without an annulment?

No, the divorced non-Catholic needs an annulment since the Church recognizes most marriage as valid.

Does your husband who is non-Catholic need an annulment if he was not married in the Catholic Church and you are a Catholic and you want your marriage blessed?

Yes, he does if he was previously married.

Can you get an annulment after you have been married for 6 months?

If two Catholics were married in the Catholic Church, only the Catholic Church can annual the marriage. The duration of the marriage is irrelevant. This is not an easy step to take, and there is no certainty that it will be granted. If only one of the partners was Catholic, and the marriage was not preformed in the Catholic Church, then it is only necessary to have the diocesan office confirm that there was no marriage that needs annulment.

Can you receive communion if you were not married by the church and divorced?

You may receive communion as a divorced Catholic, but not upon remarriage, unless you first have an annulment. This is true regardless of where your marriage was performed because all marriages are presumed valid. The church will consider you married until you receive an annulment, but you have not sinned simply by being divorced.

If you married in Virginia by Justice of Peace and shortly after married to same person in California in Catholic church and the marriage is annulled in California does the annullment cover Virginia?

Yes, it does - the annulment by the catholic Church is universal.

Does a Catholic who was granted an annulment need to get remarried inside of the Church?

If the Catholic was granted an annulment, that means he or she was never married in the first place, thus there is no "remarriage". That sounds like a technicality, but it is an important point that needs to be understood regarding annulments. Catholics are obliged to be married within the Catholic Church. A Catholic can only validly marry in the Catholic Church, via a Catholic ceremony, witnessed by a Catholic priest. Thus, if the Catholic who has received an annulment wishes to marry, he or she must do so according to their religion, which dictates it be within the Church.

You are divorced and want to marry your Catholic partner in the Catholic church can you do this?

If you and your partner are same sex, no. If you were not married previously in a Catholic church, yes. If you were married previously in a Catholic church, no, unless you apply for, pay for, and are granted an annulment by the Catholic church.ANSWER: Actually, you would need an annulment of your 1st marriage regardless of where your first marriage was performed (i.e., by a justice of the peace). Obtaining an annulment of your 1st marriage if married by a JofP is pretty easy b/c you, as a Catholic, weren't supposed to marry by a Jof TP in the first marriage -- it wasn't a sacramental marriage.

Does a Protestant need an annulment if married in the Catholic Church?

A:If the Protestant was previously married in a Catholic Church and does not wish to remarry in a Catholic Church, the answer would be no. Once divorced, he or she can get on with life without any concerns, and remarry if this is his or her wish.. .Catholic AnswerYes, if a Protestant wishes to marry a Catholic in a Catholic Church and they were previously married, the only way that this would be possible would be to seek and obtain an annulment. An annulment is not automatic, the protestant would have to prove that no valid marriage existed, you would need to speak with a priest about this. If they have previously been married in the Catholic Church and wish to do so again, the same situation would apply.

Do I need an annulment in Catholic church if I wasnt married in a Catholic church?

Regardless of where you were married, if you are a Catholic and wish to remarry you will need an annulment. If you are not a catholic and intend to marry a Catholic then you will also need an annulment.A Catholic annulment, also known as a declaration of nullity or invalidity, is a statement of fact by the Catholic Church. After carefully examining the couple's broken relationship, the Church states that a valid marriage, as the Church defines marriage, never existed. It is not "Catholic divorce," as some have called it, since divorce looks at the moment the relationship broke down and says, "A marriage existed, and now we are ending it." The annulment process says, on the other hand, "From the very beginning, something was lacking that was necessary for this relationship to be called a marriage."See the related links for more information on Annulments.

Does a divorced Baptist woman need an annulment to marry a Catholic in the Catholic Church?

No. An annulment in the Catholic Church only annuls a marriage performed in a Catholic Church.

You are a divorced Catholic can you get married in a non-Catholic church?

Divorced Catholics need to apply for and be granted an annulment before they're free to re-marry. Any Catholics who wish to get married by anyone but a priest in anywhere but a Church, need to apply for a dispensation from the Catholic Church.

If a person is married for a year already in Florida can the marriage be annulled?

Yes, and the Church decides the annulment not the state so it doesn't matter what state it is.

Does Anglican marriage have to annuled to marry in the Catholic Church?

Roman Catholic AnswerThe only way that you can be married in a Catholic Church if you are not already married. So, if you are married, and it was in the Anglican Church, then you would indeed need an annulment if you wished to marry someone else in a Catholic ceremony.

Can you marry in the Catholic Church if you are already married through another church?

If the Catholic Church recognizes the marriage, as it would, for example, with one done by the Episcopal Church, then they would not marry in the catholic church unless your spouse had died or there had been an annulment that the Catholics recognized.

Can a non-Catholic get an annulment then can they convert to Catholicism marry in the church?

Yes if there is an annulment. No if there is a divorce.

Is there a name for the ceremony that permits divorced Catholics to get remarried in the church?

Roman Catholic AnswerNo, there is no such ceremony or procedure. Anyone who is validly married to a living spouse is incapable of remarriage in the Church. You may be thinking of an annulment which is a decree of nullity (a statement that no marriage exists - thus allowing a marriage of someone who had been married in the eyes of the state but not in the eyes of the Church). There is certainly no ceremony connected with an annulment.

Why would the Catholic Church refuse to grant an annulment?

They will not grant an annulment for what they determine to be a valid marriage.

If you are married in the Russian Orthodox Church is it possible to be married again in a Roman Catholic Church?

Assuming no divorce has taken place, which would require an annulment, yes, if you have changed from Orthodox to Catholic it would be possible to renew your wedding vows in a Catholic Church. There would be no need for a full blown wedding, however, as the Catholic Church does accept the sacraments of the Orthodox Church as valid.

What would it take to get a marriage blessed in the Catholic Church if you were not married in the Catholic Church originally?

If there are no impediments (eg: previously married and divorced without an annulment), all you need to do is talk to the pastor and arrange for the marriage to be blessed by the Church. Now, if there is some impediment, you will also need to talk with the pastor to regularize the situation.

Texas requirements for annulment?

Consult a Texas state lawyer to determine how to obtain a secular/state annulment. This is the Catholic Answer section. Obtaining an annulment in the Catholic Church has nothing to do with secular/state law except to the extent that the couple seeking an annulment in The Catholic Church must first obtain a Decree of Divorce from the state.

Can a divorced Protestant be married in the Catholic church?

A divorced person whose (ex-) spouse is still alive may not marry in the Catholic Church. Anyone who was married and has a civil divorce would have to apply for a decree of nullity (an annulment, which states that no valid marriage ever existed). If an annulment is granted, and there is a divorce, then the person is free to marry. If that person is a protestant, then he would not only have to go through the petition for an annulment, and have it approved (not a sure thing), but then he would have to convert or, at the very least, promise to uphold his spouse's religion and raise the children as Catholic.