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While taking steroids, your testes funtionability is significantly lowered, causing lower sperm count. So yes, your mate taking steroids could make it harder to concieve, but not impossible. Tell him to consider HcG injections on cycle and proper PCT to make sure he recovers correctly.

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Q: If your mate is taking steroids can it affect your chances of getting pregnant?
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no it does not affect your chances but should be checked immediately before it spreads

Will taking medication affect your chances of getting pregnant?

Honey, anyone can answer that, because of course, everyone knows that taking "THE PILL" will affect your chance of getting pregnant. HOPE I HELPED!!!!!!

What are the chances of getting pregnant while drinking?

Drinking does not affect getting pregnant. In order to get pregnant, a woman must have intercourse. If the males sperm (released after ejaculation) fertilizes the females egg during sex then she can become pregnant. Drinking will not affect conception.

If you are pregnant and you find out that the father was injecting steroids will it affect the baby?

I think it would only affect the baby if you were the one using steroids. Discuss this with your doctor.

Does geritol affect Depo-Provera?

Depo-Provera is very effective birth control method, chances of getting pregnant while using Depo is very, very small. Geritol is a brand of vitamins that will not effect your chances of getting pregnant.

Will you have a normal childbirth even if your tubes are tied?

Tubal ligation only affects your chances of getting pregnant, it does not affect childbirth.

When he use drugs do that stop a woman from having a baby?

It can affect your chances of getting pregnant, some drugs have a link with a mans fertility

Will it affect my wife if I use steroids while she's pregnant?

If your wife is already pregnant, what you put into your body will not affect the child she is carrying. However, steroids or any other drugs can have an effect on any future offspring so keep that in mind.

If you are trying to get pregnant and the day after ovulation you drank too much and got sick can the alcohol or vomiting affect conception chances?

This shouldn't affect your chances of conceiving. Just remember not to do this once you are pregnant.

How does PID affect a pregnancy?

PID decreases the chances of becoming pregnant.

How long does it take to get pregnant after having chlamydia?

If your reproductive organs were not affected by chlamydia, then it will take no longer than normal. Chlamydia treatment will not affect the chances of getting pregnant. You can get pregnant while you have chlamydia. While scarring from chlamydia can sometimes cause infertility, you should not count on chlamydia to keep you from getting pregnant.

Does the birth control pill reduce your chances of getting pregnant?

Yes, that is the point of the birth control pill -- to reduce the risk of pregnancy. It does not affect future fertility.

Does levothyroxine affect fertility rates?

I was put on levothyroxine after the birth of my first baby. My doctor told me that it will improve my chances of getting pregnant again. Hope this helps.

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It most likely will.

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Can having a dnc affect you getting pregnant?


Can daily drinking before pregnancy harm a future baby?

Only if it has made your health bad so it effects the pregnancy that way. It can affect your chances of getting pregnant though and if you drink before you know you are pregnant.

Will drinking Diet Coke affect you getting pregnant?

Drinking diet coke has no influence on getting pregnant.

Will lamictal decrease chances of getting pregnant?

No but it can give birth defects. Lamictal should not be taken when pregnant or planning pregnancy and can affect the way your hormonal birth control works. If you plan a pregnancy you need to discuss this with your doctor.

Can you get pregnant if you skip a sugar pill?

Missing a placebo pill does not affect the chances of pregnancy.

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Of course it does. Any record affects your chances of getting a job.

What are the chances of getting pregnant after stopping the depo shot?

Depo Provera does not affect future fertility, except that there may be a delayed return to fertility after stopping. Some women get pregnant immediately, and others may take 18 months to get pregnant. The average is 11 months.

Does Having a UTI affect your chances of getting pregnant?

It can but the likelyhood is probably very low. You should treat it right away though as UTI's have been linked to miscarriage if left untreated.

When boys do a lot of bad drugs can they get a woman pregnant?

drugs don't affect the chances of pregnancy

Will a few typos on a cover letter affect your chances of getting hired?

It does not necessarily mean you will not be hired but it is likely to reduce your chances.