If your new coil springs making your car sit high should you cut a coil?

never never cut a coil spring---firstly the ends of springs are tapered to sit flat on there mount secondly coils are made of very tough material so you would have to put a lot heat to them (cutting torch or chop saw)to cut into them thirdly they will settle after a few miles are put on the car anyway

Depends on what you're talking about.

New OEM springs & about 1/2 to 3/4" higher, just wait. Springs settle about a half inch over the first few months. Also, it's possible that your car was sagging because the old ones were worn out.

Lowering springs, vs. old lowering springs or OEM? Can't help if you're compairing to old lowering springs, but if you're compairing to OEM, you probably have the wrong part.

i wouldn't cut the springs to lower it if it is sittin to high buy coilovers for it so you can adjust your ride height and it will also stiffen up the ride for tight cornering( have had coils cut on cars before and it is a big headache if not done perfectly)