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should check the oil pressure switch first if that does not fix the problem than connect a oil pressure tool to see if u really dont have oil pressure. if got good oil pressure around 35 to 65 psi any thing lower replace oil pump.

I would try the cheapest route first Go but a oil pressure sender to see if that fixes the problem

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โˆ™ 2009-03-29 23:51:18
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Q: If your oil pressure warning is on in your 2000 gti vr6 do you need an oil pump?
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Do a pressure test. We need to know what engine you have to give you the pressure specifications.

Fuel pump pressure for 2000 Ford Expedition?

Fuel pump pressure (Maximum) 75 psi

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Need oil change or oil pump weak or oil pressure sending unit not reading properly.

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Bad oil pressure switch - $10 Clogged intake screen - $?? Bad oil pump - $1000 Worn bearings in engine - $a lot

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