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I have an 88 Ford Taurus L wagon and something like this is happening to me. The transmission is slipping in and out of overdrive and when it does the "check engine" like goes on briefly. I still have to have it looked at so I don't know about the code. But, my car did not just quit working right away. By the way, this problem just started last week and it does appear to be getting worse.

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Q: If your service engine soon light came on and the code indicated transmission component slipping will your car just quit working right away?
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What is code P1870 when the service engine soon light is on?

P1870 is Transmission Component Slipping. I have also heard of it referred to as The Code Of Death.

Why Auto transmission slips when hot?

If your transmission is slipping when it is hot that could be a sign that you do not have adequate pressure in the transmission line. It could be because of wear, it's in need of service, or that it's low on fluid.

Transmission Service Repair?

form_title=Find a Transmission Service Repair form_header=If you're having trouble changing gears, have your vehicle's transmission inspected and repaired. When was your transmission last serviced?=_ Is there any slipping or grinding while driving?= () Yes () No What kind of vehicle do you have?=_ Is it an automatic or manual?= () Automatic () Manual

How do you know if your transmission is going out on 1998 explorer?

it starts slipping, highly recommend taking it to Ford service the sooner the better, less damage to the internal parts. Easy transmission for 2nd rate shops to mess up on.

How do you fill automatic transmission oil 2000 Daewoo Lanos 1.6?

you don` is a sealed component that only requires service if there is a leak

Why is the transmission slipping on your 1997 eagle talon?

There could be a number of reasons, from low transmission fluid, to a worn clutch, to internal problems. Since i don;t know what you have I would recommend taking it to a reputable service shop and letting them look at it.

What O2 sensor needs to be replaced on a 2000 Rodeo with code PO133 and 870 and where is it located?

P1870 is a transmission slipping code I think P0133 is the left front sensor (drivers side) but i will check on that. For the transmission code the first thing to do is service the transmission and check for debris in the pan....more than a "tablespoon" rebuild the transmission.... according to GM bulletin. Try the service and keep your fingers crossed

What happens when too much transmission fluid is put into a 2002 Lincoln LS V8?

Changing the transmission fluid in your LS should be performed by a qualified service technician. There is a fairly comprehensive procedure for servicing the transmission and it requires that the fluid be checked hot and cold. Too much fluid in your transmission will cause it to jerk when putting in and out of gear, the shifts will be choppy and it may even feel like its slipping, and finally there is an overflow valve that will cause the excess transmission fluid to leak out and onto the floor beneath the transmission. A qualified service technician will know how much fluid is enough and how to get it out.

Transmission Service?

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The service engine soon light came on on a 2000 Camero The scanning code found P1870 What does this mean and what should you do. What do you mean by code of death?

Trouble code P1870 means: Transaxle Component Slipping (4T60-E) Replace the sensor on the transaxle

Where can you find an exploded view for a TH350 transmission?

You can find an exploded view for a TH350 transmission in transmission service manuals. The transmission service manuals can be obtained from most local libraries.

How does corrosion affect the service life of a component?

it corrods it

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