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It could be declared null and void as being contrary to the United States Constitution.

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The constitution says that laws passed by Congress are what to state laws?

The Constitution says that laws passed by Congress are supplemental to State Laws. Both State and Federal laws are to be upheld by all United States citizens.

How did the federalists help get the constitution passed in the states?

what 2 important things did the federalists do to help get the constitution passed in the state? Answer :The constitution gave the nationalists the strong national government they wanted, they became known Federalists!

What is the dominant Texas economy when the state constitution was written and passed?

big ranching

When was the Texas State Constitution last amended?

The Texas State Constitution was last amended after the 2009 November 3 election. 11 propositions were passed in this election.

If law passed by a state is contrary to provisions of the US Constitution which law prevails?

The Constitution because it is the "Supreme law of the Land."

3 According to article VI of the US Constitution what would happen should there be a conflict between the US Constitution and the state constitution?

The U.S. Constitution trumps any conflicts with state constitutions.

If a law passed by the state is contrary to provisions of the US constitution which law prevails?

The US Constitution always takes precedence. Then the state's constitution is next in line.

What scenario is avoided because the constitution contains the supemacy clause?

b.) A state passes a law that contradicts the nineteenth amendment. EXPLANATION: Just took the quiz on APEX (honors gov quiz 2.2.3)

Is the operation of schools is written into the national or state constitution?

No. Special laws are passed concerning schools.

What has caused new interpretation of the constitution?

new york state legislature passed a statute giving rights

Who developed the state constitution that gave the governor an effective veto over laws passed by the legislature?

John Adams

Which provision of the constitution resolves conflicts between the laws of a state and laws passed by the U.S congress?

Supremacy clause

Describe the ratification process?

In order to ratify an amendment to the US Constitution, it must be passed by both Houses of Congress. Then it must be passed by 75 percent of the state legislatures.

What might happen if the Constitution allowed state laws to have supremacy over federal laws?

If the state laws had more power than federal laws the Constitution would have little to no power.

Why under the articles of confederation what might happen if a state did not like a law passed by congress?


How were senators chosen in the original constitution?

Originally the US Constitution stated that senators should be chosen by state legislatures. The 17th Amendment that was passed in 1913 stated that the senators should be chosen through an election within their state.

Which state was misspelled in the US Constitution?

Pennsylvania was spelled two different ways in the original text of the United Constitution. In Article I, Section 2, the conventional modern spelling of "Pennsylvania" was used which conflicted with the state's spelling by its representative signatories in the list of signatures at the end.In the list of signatures, the state is spelled as "Pensylvania" with only a single N as opposed to the double N's used today. Although this usage conflicted with the use in the earlier section, it was by no means incorrect as the single-N spelling was in common usage for the state at the time, especially by Pennsylvania citizens, which the representative delegates that signed the document most likely were.

What was the first state to have a state constitution?

Connecticut was the first state to have a state constitution.

Which constitution became the Kansas State Constitution?

The Wyandotte constitution became the Kansas State Constitution

What was the second state where women could vote?

It didn't go by state, but by amendment to the constitution. The 19th amendment was passed and women could vote through out the United States.

What state has a nickname called The Constitution State?

Connecticut is the Constitution State.

What takes priority State Constitution or State Regulations?

state constitution

What is the Supremacy Doctrine?

The Supremacy Clause is found in Article VI of the Constitution of the United States. It establishes that the Constitution, laws passed by Congress, and treaties of the US are superior to state laws and local ordinances.

Who changed the us constitution?

The Constitution can only be changed when an amendment passed by congress is ratified by 2/3 of all the states in the union. For a state to ratify the change their legislature must pass the change in their state chamber. So the people who change the constitution are the folks you vote for every two to four years.

What state was the constitution made?

The state the Constitution was made is in Philadelphia.

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