If your wife attempts to downplay or disregard questions posed to her about the same things she questioned you about does that mean she is cheating?

I would say yes only based on personal things. My husband questioned me all the time. He even told everyone I was cheating. Well he left me after 11 years of marriage and two children for a friend of ours. Still to this day he denies that he was ever doing anything and I caused the whole thing by him not trusting me, But it could be her last relationship was very bad and her trust will take time...just be careful sit down and just ask....maybe you`ll get a good answer...

It depends, I suppose. Did you answer honestly and without hesitation when she originally asked you, and now she won't do the same in return? If so, that should arouse your suspicions. Just remember that suspicion is not enough; find out for sure.

I think women are obsessed with this topic. They spend an awful lot of hours questioning and accusing their man of cheating when in most cases he isn't doing a thing! But what does that do? It alienates him from you.

And women think they've got it all figured out based on "the answers you give." Trouble is, no matter what answer you give your wife/accuser, it always indicates that you're cheating. If you make fun of her question and laugh it off, it's supposedly a sign that you're cheating. If you get angry (and who wouldn't after a dozen times?), it's a sign that you're cheating. If you say nothing and walk away (who needs to hear this again?), it's a sign that you're cheating! Sheesh! If a man did that to you all the time you'd think he was a nutcase and you wouldn't want to be with a person like that. Then, after all this accusation, women wonder, "why is he distancing himself from me?" Because you're crazy that's why?! Listen to yourself!

I got this treatment myself a couple of years ago from my own wife, so I speak from experience. I did go out by myself from time to time--to the bookstore, the grocery store, a married MALE co-worker's house--but I was always where I said I would be--always just a cell phone call away--and I always truthfully told her where I would be before hand. But, the spying and questioning made me pull away from her--and because I viewed her as a different person, it made me think about going ahead and finding someone else. (Note that I said "think" about it. I never actually did it.) Afterall, if you're accused and convicted of a crime, you might as well commit the crime. Your accuser has already decided the case ahead of time.

Women: Get a life of your own. (That way you can share it with your spouse and you won't have time to accuse him of anything.)

Did any of this sink into those estrogen-tainted brains out there?

I have to agree with that guy right there ^^^^^^ He's absolutely 100% correct WOMEN get your own lives. And this COMING FROM A WOMAN. I am Sooooo sick of hearing "you women" this and "you women" that because yeah approximately 80% of "you women" treat your men like they are you're property and not allowed to do anything without you.

To these Ladies, Let me tell you a little something about the way you should treat your man and you will get responses you are presently only fantasizing about. ***First things first, back off a little bit, don't nag, preach, scream, fight and accuse him of things he's probably not doing. Because he wants time away from you doesn't mean it's with another woman. In spite of what you want to believe he met you cause he had a life, I'm sure he wasn't locked in his bedroom and you just happened to walk through the door. Let him continue to do the things he did before you and I guarantee you he'll come home without having slept with another woman. If he does sleep with another woman, then boot his ass out the door, if you don't you get what you deserve. ***Secondly, Treat him as though you want to be treated, hug him, love him, show him attention, listen to him when he's trying to tell you about his day, or what he did while he was out. **** Thirdly, keep yourself up, keep your appearances up, look like you did when he met you, You don't have to look "hot" 24 hours, but ya know if he's coming over or coming home, look nice, wear some perfume whatever it takes, catch his attention and I promise you it'll be worth all 5 minutes of freshening up. **** Last but not least, don't hold sex over his head like you're mom keeping candy from him for not doing his chores. Get your argument over with and get over it, sex isn't meant as a tool, it's a way for a man and a woman to show each other how much they love each other, granted us women want talking and cuddling for proof, but men need the sexual part of it as their way of connecting. Men are actually very simple creatures and women tend to treat them as though they are and should be more complicated than what they really are. Ladies GET THE HELL over it, they aren't your pets, they aren't your property and they aren't going to stick around if you treat them as such.

Do as that says and assuming you have a great guy as you must have thought he was or you wouldn't be with him anyway and I can almost guarantee you that you will get treated very well, like the queen he thinks you are or at least the queen you WERE when you hooked up.

I am a married woman of 8 years and even after 8 years I am as happily married as I was the day before I married him. Now and again he brings me flowers and gifts (which we can't really afford). He is always telling me how beautiful I am, looks at me all sultry when I walk out of the bathroom-naked. And guess what else, he used to go out ALOT when we were dating and first married, not anymore he LIKES to be home with me, he enjoys being with me and would prefer to be home with the kids and I as opposed to being with his friends all the time.

TRY IT LADIES !!!!!!!!!!!