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If the other tube is connected high. Joymaker RN

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Can you still get pregnancy while your tube tied and if you saw your period?

You will continue to menstruate after having your tubes tied you will even ovulate but the egg is unable to travel past the blocked folopian tube nor will sperm be able to reach the egg. So no you cannot get pregnant after a successful tubal litigation.

What is the function of columnar epithelial cells?

to line parts of the body. an example would be the skin. ciliated (tiny hairs) cells are found in throat, folopian tube and simple are found in stomach, intestine etc .. they contain all the normal organelles and can divide by motosis.

At what week of pregnancy can a chorionic villi sampling be performed?

A chorionic villi sampling can be performed as early as week 10 of the pregnancy.

Can hajj be performed during pregnancy?

Yes. Hajj may be performed during pregnancy provided there is no danger of any harm to the woman and the baby.

How do you get hospitalized?

You are hospitalized if you have an accident or a disease that requires hospital care.

How would you use hospitalized in a sentence?

Tom was hospitalized after the car accident.

How long was Bethany Hamilton hospitalized?

Bethany Hamilton was hospitalized for seven days

How soon in the pregnancy is chorionic villi sampling performed?

The chorionic villus sampling is performed by 10 weeks of gestation. The pregnancy can be safely terminated by this time, if necessary. That is the advantage of the procedure.

Can I use a in vitro pregnancy test even if I am not trying an in vitro pregnancy?

Yes. In vitro means, "in glass" or "outside of the body", and In vitro pregnancy test is a test that is performed "outside" of the human body. In vitro fertilization is egg fertilization that is performed outside of the body. All home pregnancy tests are "in vitro".

Can you be hospitalized against your will in the state of Washington?

If you are a danger to yourself, or to the public, yes, you can be hospitalized or quarantined against your will.

What rhymes with capitalized?


Has Cody Lundin ever been Hospitalized?

the real question is have YOU ever been hospitalized! everyone on earth knows the answer to this.

How do you stop pregnancy after 8 week?

By having a D&C performed by a doctor.

What is a test called when performed during pregnancy to determine if the fetus has any abnormal chromosomal defects or development problems?

Amniocentesis is a test performed during pregnancy to determine if the fetus has any abnormal chromosomal defects or developments problems

How to treat dengue?

You have to be hospitalized immediately.

Can you be hospitalized because of Bronchitis?


What happens when you have to be hospitalized for diabetes?

When you have to be hospitalized for diabetes you are in ketoacidosis, which is when your blood sugar is very high. If you are in really bad ketoacidosis then you may be in a coma.

At what point in the pregnancy is prenatal surgery most often performed?

Most prenatal surgeries are performed between 18 and 26 weeks of gestation.

How long do you have to stay in the hospital for a tubal ligation?

The surgery can be performed on either hospitalized patients within 24 hours after childbirth or on outpatients. The woman can usually leave the hospital the same day.

In prenatal diagnosis the newest procedure that can be performed early in pregnancy involves sampling the?


What sampling CVS is performed between the eigth and tenth weeks of pregnancy to search for genetic abnormalities in the developing fetus?

Chorionic villus sampling, CVS, is performed between the eighth and tenth weeks of pregnancy to search for genetic abnormalities in the developing fetus.

Has Robert Pattinson ever been hospitalized?


Where was JFK hospitalized after the shots?

Parkland Hospital

Is hospitalized an adverb?

No it is not. It is a verb in past tense.

Are people with borderline personality disorder hospitalized?