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In Florida can a creditor garnish wages?

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Yes, Florida allows wage garnishment by a judgment creditor.

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Can a creditor garnish wages in the state of Florida?

Can a bank garnish your wages for a repo in the state of Florida

Can a creditor garnish your federal wages?

becuse was the wages

Can a car lien holder garnish your wages in Florida?

If you default on a car loan the creditor may obtain a court judgment that will enable it to garnish your wages. The rules are provided at the link below.

Can a creditor garnish wages and seize money from a bank account in Michigan?

A creditor can garnish wages or attach assets if they have obtained a judgment against the debtor.

Do they garnish your wages in Nevada?

Yes, Nevada can garnish your wages if creditors take you to court. There is a limit on how much a creditor can garnish in the state.

Can Florida garnish wages for medical bills?

Question is not clear. Are you asking if the STATE of Florida can garnish your wages or are you asking, can your wages be garnished IN Florida?

Can a payday loan company garnish your wages?

No. In the state of Texas a creditor cannot garnish your wages no matter how much is owed.

Can a collection agency garnish wages?

Yes, with a valid judgment any creditor can garnish wages in the majority of U.S. states.

If my husband is on social security can a creditor garnish my wages?


In Pennsylvania can a creditor garnish your wages or levy your bank account?

They can levy bank accounts in most cases, they cannot garnish wages.

In the state of Florida can a creditor garnish wages if it is not pertaining to child support or alimony?

In the state of Florida a creditor is only allowed to garnish a certain amount of your wages up to twenty five percent only if you meet a certain threshold or if it is in regards to child support , alimony , unpaid property taxes or unpaid federal student loans.

A levy was lifted on the account now the creditor wants to garnish wages Can this be done?

Yes, a creditor can garnish wages even if a levy was lifted on the account. This would require a judgment and the court documents.

Can a creditor seize your tax refund?

If the creditor is a government agency, then yes. If the creditor has not won a court settlement to garnish your wages, then no.

Can a creditor garnish your wages in VA?

Yes he can, but only with a court order.

Can a creditor garnish your wages in Pennsylvania?

No They can are in one of the safe states. Texas and North and South Carolina along with Pa are safe states that can not garnish wages.

Can a credit card garnish your wages in Florida if you are single with no dependents?

Private business cannot garnish your wages. The federal government, state and local government agencies can. Basically, garnishment must be by court order. Thus, the creditor can opt to sue for payment.

Can one creditor garnish wages from two separate jobs?

Yes one creditor can garnish wage from 2 separate jobs. The wage garnishment will last for as long as a debt is owed to the creditor.

Can a creditor garnish wages from a part time job?

yes, but it rarely happens.

How often can a creditor garnish your wages?

Every payday until your bill is paid.

Can a credit card debt accrued in Florida be garnished from wages earned in South Carolina?

They can garnish your wages regardless of where you live or work. * Not usually, as South Carolina does not allow the garnishment of wages for creditor debt. However, if the creditor sues the debtor and wins a judgment the creditor can sometimes use UCC laws to attempt to override a state statute.

Can a creditor garnish wages in PA?

Wages can be garnished in the state of PA. The creditor needs to go to court, and get a judgment against you, and garnishment will begin in approximately one month.

In Florida can they garnish wages for student loan?


Can credit cards garnish your paycheck in Iowa?

Yes. A creditor can sue for a debt and if they get a judgment they can use the judgment to garnish the debtor's wages.

What is the most a creditor can garnish your wages in Arizona?

A creditor can garnish however much the court has given them permission to garnish. The court decides this depending on the kind of debt owed as well as the willingness of the defendant to pay the debt. If it is a debt for owed child support, for example, a huge percentage of the wages can be garnished.

How long can a creditor garnish your wages in Missouri?

Until the debt is paid or until the judgment expires.

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