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I don't think the direction your proposing is quite correct. If you are under the age of 18 and you attempt to move out the Dept of children services will investigate. If they find out your parents are unfit you may have the option of living with other relatives or become a foster child and live in some government facility or Foster home. I hope you have someone in your life that you can go to and seek help.

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If you are 15 and pregnant and your boyfriend is 21 in what states can you get a marriage license without parental consent?

one of the states where you can do that is Georgia. Georgia is the only state that i know of because i live there.

Why do drug addicts use drugs?

Drug addicts use drugs, because they're addicted to them, they can't help themselves.

How do religious people help drug addicts?

Because they believe they have to love and forgive people and therefore drug addicts should not be ignored.

Why do addicts have low self esteem?

Addicts have low self esteem because they think that they don't live up to other peoples expectations

Why do people discriminate against drug addicts?

people with drug addictaions are discrimanated against because the majority of the addicts a theifes or dirty ! NOT ALL OF THEM THO !

At what age can you move out of your parents' house in the State of Georgia?

Georgia's legal age of majority is 18.AnswerGeorgia law sets the legal age of majority at 18-years. (Ga.Code Ann. 15-12-60 thru 15-12-63) Note: In the state of Georgia you can move out without parental consent when you are seventeen. because in the state you can go to jail at seventeen as an adult, because of this loophole you may leave home without parental consent or prosecution by the police.

When drug addicts stop using a drug they may experience withdrawal because what?

When Drug Addicts stop using a drug they may experience withdrawal because their bodies have become physically dependent on the drug.

Why did rock music start?

Because drug addicts needed something new to do.

Can a seventeen year old legally move out in Georgia without parental consent?

Yes! Georgia is unique from many states in that the parents cannot kick out the child until age 18, but the child may leave at 17. This is the result of a loophole of sorts (because Georgia decided that you can go to prison at age 17).No, you have to turn 18 or over before moving out of Georgia.

How did Georgia O'Keeffe get involved in the arts?

There is usually one and the same answer to those questions 'Why did XXX become an artist?' Because they felt they had the talent and the urge. It is as simple as that!

How old must you be in Indiana to move out of your house and not get involved with the court or police?

The age of majority is 18, so if you leave home before turning 18, without parental consent or being emancipated by the court, then your parents can get the police involved because they can report you as a runaway.

What are the advantages of ex addicts as counselors?

Ex drug addicts are great as counselors because that they have been in the same place as people who need counseling. This allows people hope that they can recover and do better in their lives.

Are there anteaters in Georgia?

no because there is not enough dirt for the anteaters in Georgia because I stayed there.

Reasons to go to Georgia?

Because of Dalton, Georgia.

Which river in Georgia is famous because of a song?

Which river in Georgia is famous because of a song?

Why do men have blond hair?

Because of parental traits.

Drug addicts require larger amounts of the drug to create a dopamine flood, or high This effect is known as what?

Drug addicts require higher doses of the drug to which they are addicted because they develop tolerance for the drug.

Why did the US not get involved with the Nazi concentration camps?

because they did not want do get involved in a war.eighther that or because they didnt think that involved them because it was in Europe

Why are computer aficionados and drug addicts both called users?

because they both use something...retards....

How does smuggling promote violence?

Smuggling promotes violence, because many of the people illegally smuggling harm the people they are smuggling with gang violence and other things. Sometimes they sell them into prostitution and other illegal trades... If you meant why does DRUG smuggling promote violence the answer would be that many times, the smugglers are involved in other violent practices. The drugs are sold to dealers who sell them to addicts. If the addicts buy on credit, but can't pay for it, the dealers hurt the addict, kill them, or hurt/kill the addicts loved ones. Thus, promoting violence.

Why do addicts score higher on IQ tests?

Addicts score higher on IQ tests because the mental characteristics of intelligence often lead to addiction. Intelligent people are more likely to be anxious or depressed, leading to self-medication.

Why was the medical professional generally not interested in treating drug addicts?

They can be weary to treating a drug addict because of the fact that sometimes drug addicts don't listen to the doctor, and they are usually just trying to get more drugs and are lying about their conditions.

Why is keri hilson in Georgia history?

Because she grew up in Georgia

How did Georgia get its state name?

Because it was the name of the piece of pie in the middle of Georgia it was called Georgia pie.

Do all emenim albums have parental advisorys?

Yes, All Of Emenims albums do have Parental Advisory Because He Uses Language Not suitable Children.

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