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If you signed a contract and purchased the vehicle, it belongs to you and there's nothing you can do to get out of the contract. If the car dealership wants to work with you, that's up to them but you're legally bound. No. You have signed the papers so you couldn't even return in 5 minutes after you drive off the lot.

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Q: In Illinois can you return a used vehicle after 1 week purchased to get something cheaper?
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You are in the military and you purchased a vehicle in California and you want to transfer the registration to Illinois How do you do that?

Go to DMV

In the State of Illinois is there a time limit for buy here pay here dealerships when it comes to repossessing a vehicle?

Read the contract you signed when you purchased the vehicle.

If you purchased your car in Wisconsin and then registered it in Illinois do you need a Wisconsin title or an Illinois title to sell it in Wisconsin?

You need the title to be in whatever state you registered the vehicle in.

Can you return a used car purchased yesterday in Illinois?

No, the buyers remorse law does not apply to the purchase of a new or used vehicle.

Can you return your car to dealership in Illinois?

i purchased a new vehicle last night and have now discovered that i can't financially afford to keep it, but would like to trade down with the same dealership. what's the possibility of returning the vehicle in Illinois without suffering consequences?

What is Illinois' law for returning a newly leased or purchased vehicle?

As with any contract, you have three (3) business days to cancel the agreement.

If you live in NJ and your vehicle is registered in NJ can you purchase a vehicle in PA?

Yes you should be able to. I purchased a car in Illinois and drove to Virginia with temp tags and registered it in Virginia once I got there

What is the web address of the Illinois Historic Vehicle Preservation Association in Skokie Illinois?

The web address of the Illinois Historic Vehicle Preservation Association is:

Where is the Illinois Historic Vehicle Preservation Association in Skokie Illinois located?

The address of the Illinois Historic Vehicle Preservation Association is: 5451 Lincoln Avenue, Skokie, IL 60077

Is repossession of a vehicle in Illinois allowed?


Illinois car sales tax?

The sales tax rate in Illinois depends on whether the car is purchased from a private party or a dealer. Assuming the private party transaction the tax amount depends on the year of the vehicle. All 2012 and newer models are taxed at the flat rate of $390 according to the Illinois Department of Revenue.

Can you return a vehicle purchased in GA?

yes you can

Is commercial vehicle insurance cheaper than passenger vehicle insurance?

NO. Commercial (or Fleet) insurance is much more expensive than general insurance. However, if you are asking whether insurance is cheaper for a commercial vehicle (carrying produce for example) than a bus (carrying passengers) then, yes, it is cheaper.

I just got my license and I am 19. I live with my mom. Is it cheaper to be on my moms insurance or get me own.?

More than likely it will be much cheaper to be on you mothers insurance. If you have your own vehicle you will need insurance, depending on the circumstances, you may want to be designated as driver of the cheaper vehicle to insure even if that is not your vehicle.

What is the Distance between Illinois State University and University of Illinois?

They are about 60 miles apart. By vehicle, about an hour.

How much does it cost to transfer title and plates in Illinois?

There is not a set specific cost to transfer the title and plates on a vehicle in Illinois. The cost will depend on the make, model, and year of the vehicle.

Do you have to pay tax on a vehicle purchased from a realtive in Idaho?

Yes, any transfer of a vehicle is taxable.

Can you return a purchased used vehicle in Illinois?

I think that you can it's just that the preowner of the vechile might make up a law just to say that you can't but if there is a will there's a way but I'll look into that a little further and get back with you.

Where can I buy touch up paint?

You can buy touch up paint at the dealership of which your vehicle was purchased or at most auto retail shops. You may also be able to find touch up paint online for a cheaper price.

How long do you have to take a vehicle back after purchasing it in Illinois?

The right of recision recognized in Illinois is 3 business days.

Can you get sued in Illinois if you gave vehicle and title back to its owner?


You purchased a car that had been traded-in the financing did not go through for the party who traded-in the vehicle that you purchased do you have to return the vehicle?

talk to a lawyer type person in your state.

How do you title salvage vehicle in Illinois?

Salvage vehicles in Illinois can only be held by a licensed vehicle rebuilder, vehicle recycler or scrap processor or out of state salvage buyer and may not be driven on the road. If you are sold a salvage vehicle from a private party or Illinois dealer in the state of Illinois, the sale was not legal. Contact the Secretary of State Police for help. If you bring in a salvage vehicle from out of state, the vehicle must be inspected by a DOT safety inspection station and the Secretary of State Police before a rebuilt title is issued. You may not sell the vehicle except to one of the above licensed dealers. Contact a Secretary of State Police Vehicle Inspection Station for details.

What is vehicle parts bill of sale?

A receipt for the parts you have purchased.

Can an antique tag be purchased for a 1976 Kenworth truck in Texas?

If it's a working vehicle, whether plated as a farm vehicle or commercial vehicle, no.