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If the lender is "trying" to repossess the car now, wont they be "trying" to repo the car then also? How long do you plan on driving the car for free?? Just keep on hiding the car until you get a chance to pay on it.

thank you roosta-i see that you respond to a lot of posts here. i just wanted to make sure that i wont have the police knocking on my door. I didnt know they could start repo action without notifying you. I am also not driving the car for free. I was garnished and didn't have the money. The garnishment has ended and i can now pay them what i owe on 11/11/04. i just thank god that I am not one of the people whose couldn't pay because they were unemployed. i tried to talk to the people at my finance company but they didnt want to talk so i stop trying to talk to them. i sent faxes to them and text messages to the repo guy who showed up at my job. Don't know if that is legal or not but I am not going to worry about it for now. I pray that I will never have to finance a car again as this has been one of the worst experiences of my life.

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Q: In Michigan if a lender is trying to repossess your car and verbally agreed to a payment plan can you keep the car from them until the agreed date?
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Can a car dealership repossess your car if they say you owe them more money for a down payment?

A dealership can only repossess your car if you do not pay in accordance with the sale agreement. If you did not pay the agreed down payment, the car may be repossessed.

If you are in default and the company has agreed to a monthly payment but won't submit it in writing can they still repossess the car?

If you do not make the payments agreed to in the contract, on time, the answer is yes. if they agree to accepting a payment get it in writing ,then you have them.otherwise your screwed they will lie and tell you anything to get the car If it ain't in writing it ain't no agreement.

Do I have the right to repossess equipment that wasn't paid as agreed?


Can a bank still repossess your car if they said they would cancel it and you have made payment arrangements to get current?

If you continue to make payments as agreed, on time, you should be safe from repossession.

Can you repossess a car from your ex if they are not making the agreed upon payments?

i think so:D

Can I be sued for payment of a 2004 Bobcat that I verbally agreed to buy but did not make payments for after having it rebuilt and the owner removed it from the repair shop?

so you told me something you didnt ask what you wanted to know maybe you should re type that....

What does sale agreed stc mean?

it means: sale agreed subject to contract - as in the sale of a property where the sale has been verbally agreed and simply awaits the formal signing and exchange of the legal contracts

Can you repossess a car which you sold to a friend with a written contract stating that if payments are not made as agreed car will be repossessed?


If you do not pay the down payment to the dealership within the agreed upon 30 days can they repossess your car?

Mike, READ the contract you signed agreeing to do certain things in exchange for a car. What does it say about if you are in DEFAULT? If you dont perform any one of the conditions of your loan, they you are in default and can be repoed.

What is the best tourist attraction in Michigan?

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What terms should be negotiated before paying a collection account in full?

Everything agreed upon should be in written form and in specific terms. Such as total amount, date for payment, method of payment, etc. DO NOT sign anything that is not clearly understood. DO NOT verbally agree to anything. Only supply needed contact information not bank account, financial status, etc.

Can a creditor place a lien on your property if you and he have agreed to a monthly payment schedule and you are making the payments?

Yes, if you have agreed that the house will be used for collateral.

What is difference between contract and commitment?

A contract is usually something that is signed and dated and legally binding. A commitment is just something that you have verbally agreed to do.

Can a lender change the amount they agreed that you owed on a repossessed vehicle the next day and be verbally abusive?

I guess the lender could make a mistake on the amount and have to correct themelves. Verbally abuse you?? NOT. Call a local attorney for state specific advise.

What is verbal agreement?

An verbal agreement is something two or more parties have agreed to do, agreed not to do or an arrangement made verbally and not in writing. In some jurisdictions a verbal agreement can be binding if there are truthworthy witesses to it, in other jurisdictions it may not be binding.

Do you have a right to enforce payment for the child if the natural mother agreed to it?

Not without a court order.

When do I get my 1st car payment?

Whatever day you agreed upon when you signed the loan agreement.

If you have made a payment arrangment can your car be repossessed?

Only if you have failed to make the agreed payments on time.

Who will Dwight Howard play for in 2012-1013 season?

The Atlanta Hawks have already verbally agreed to signing him this upcoming offseason behind the scenes. #watchforit

How do you pay a collection account?

Have the collection agency send a written agreement accepting the settlement or payment amount agreed upon BEFORE rendering any payment(s).

How do you repossess my car?

Firstly, is not "your" car ... The lending institution actually "owns" your car and can legally repossess it whenever the monthly payments are not being made as agreed upon when the initial loan was signed by the buyer.The lender is entitled to recover their property by most any means. And is is their right to resell that car to anyone they choose in order to recoup their losses after not being paid by the original buyer.Miss a payment, lose the car ... simple business. After all, they have your signature on a document that states you promise to make monthly payments or face the consequences.

If you made late payments due to medical reasons can that be removed from your credit score?

Fair Credit Reporting Act requires that the creditor report your payment status accurately. That means that if you agreed to pay a certain amount on a certain day, then your account is "paid as agreed". If you miss a payment for any reason other than bank error, the account has not been paid as agreed no matter what the reason for the late payment. If you have medical issues that prevent timely payment, the best arrangement would be to make arrangements with the creditor prior to the conditions of the agreement not being met.

What is a car note?

A car note is a car payment...paying a portion of money you and the dealer agreed on the car you bought.

Is child responsible for debts of parents bankruptcy?

No, not unless the child was a co-signer and agreed to be responsible for payment of the debt.

Can the bank repossess a 30K dollar car when less than half is still owed and only 128 dollars is past due?

The bank can legally repossess a car at any time you default on the loan regardless of the vehicles value or the amount past due. If your car payment is due on April 1st and you don't pay than you are legally in default on your contract. If you make a partial payment (less than the amount you agreed to pay in your contract every month) and the bank didnt agree to this arrangement then you are still in default. The best bet would be to pay the $128 before the car is repossessed or to pay the back balance owed if it has already been repossessed.