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No. But keep in mind we live in a fire at will society. If you have signed a contract stating that you will follow the rules of the company, and this meeting is governed under those rules, than no. State and local courts take precedence over such meetings and demands, and if this person has filed a restraining order against you, stay away. Even if you haven't been served yet, you could be in violation of the order. You have the right to tape record the meeting. If you're refused make sure it's in writing. You have the right to an unbiased witness to be present (a good idea). Finally your job status has everything to do with it and do and get everything in writing. And make copies, if you're terminated, the copies in your locker or desk are considered property of the company. If you're in a union, part of a chain of command (following orders) or working for a public municipality, you have many options. If your working for a private business, watch out. Remember, it's fire at will. It's tough to see if they're setting you up because I don't know all the specifics. But if the company is trying to clear up the problem and you refuse, it may be seen as insubordination. But if you want a mediator or lawyer present, they can't refuse you. Get it in writing. * Regardless of previous contractual agreements the person does not have to enter into any negotiations nor meet with any individuals unless they choose to do so. Nor can they be required to discuss matters which may lead to their being charged with misconduct or other issues. If an employee is a member of a union, he or she should contact their union representative before speaking with management or offering any information whatsoever. The majority of unions offer legal counsel for their members if charges are filed and/or litigation ensues. State laws determine the legality of the taping of any conversations whether in person or by telephone. Under no circumstances should the person divulge any information that could be self-incriminating or that which relates to the possible involvement of other employees without having received legal advice beforehand.

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Q: In Texas can your employer require you to meet with someone who may also be filing a complaint against you?
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its self explanitory its a form upon which you lodge a formal complaint against someone or something

Can you file complaint against someone for attempted kidnapping of minor?

Yes you can and you should file this complaint with the police department.

What is the difference between the words statement and complaint?

a statement is simply telling someone something an does not require a question to be said, whereas a complaint is when someone isn't happy with the current decision and try to stop it from happening.

How long does someone have to file a police misconduct complaint?

if police behave misconduct you should go to the commissioner office and send your complaint. They take action against them.

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You are the legal owner/payee of the check and if someone else cashes it, it is a crime. You can raise a legal complaint against the person (if you know who did it) or if you don't know who did it, you can raise a formal complaint with the bank and they will help you identify the fraudster and then you can raise a complaint against them. You have the right to claim the payment that was due to you through the check.

Are you ordinarily require to give police complaint before you take action?

If you have a criminal complaint, the only action you can take, is to file a report with law enforcement so that the incident can be legally/officially documented and investigated. If probable cause is found to proceed with a case against someone they will take it to the prosecutor to have him press charges.

What is the verb of complaint?

The verb of complaint is complain. As in "to complain to someone".

Is it legal for an employer to fire someone for theft when there is absolutely no proof that they took anything?

No. It is a misconception that an employer cannot terminate an employee without specific reason. The employee may have grounds to file suit against an employer if it can be proven that he or she were discriminated against under the EEOC laws and regulations.

How should someone make a complaint against a psychologist who is associated with the American Psychological Association?

Visit the APA website which has information telling you what to do.

When is it to late to file a complaint against someone on demestic abuse?

It will depend on the location of the incident and the severity. It will run from the date of the last incident.

How should someone make a complaint against a psychologist who is associated with the American Psychological Association-?

Visit the APA website which has information telling you what to do.

What can you do if your Employer bullies you to not file a comp claim?

It is illegal to record someone without their permission, so allegations can be made against the employer in a legal court and if witnesses can stand forward then the judicial system will take it from there, but other than that nothing can be done against the employer. As for the claim, it is illegal for a claim to be used as a reason for firing a person, and legal action can be taken if the employer does.

Can a civil complaint be filed against someone in another state?

Yes. You will need to consult with an attorney to determine the proper jurisdiction in which to file the claim.

Does McDonalds require a background check prior to hiring someone?

Almost all jobs will require a background check prior to hiring you. You should check with the employer to be sure. Usually they will tell you right there.

Is it illegal to fart on someone?

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What does employer mean?

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What does someone need to do to increase their pay of a pediatrician?

Unless the 'someone' is the paediatrician's employer, salary issues are private between the employer and employee and not the business of 'someone'.

Can an insurance company bring a charge of vehicular homicide against a person?

No. Only the State can bring a criminal charge against someone. It is doubtful that the Insurance Company would even have standing to file a complaint in such a matter.

What Begins a Lawsuit?

It begins when someone files a complaint.

Can you file a complaint against someone who tried to contact the judge outside of court?

depends on the purpose..if it's about the case i think its bribery..and u must have a strong evidence

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kindly cancel his visa in emergency at airport according to his identity/name.

What is a motion to dismiss?

It's a writ, usually filed by a trial counsel, asking the court to dismiss a charge or complaint against a person due to factors named in the writ. Like the lack of evidence, or failure of the complainant to appear as an example.A Motion for Dismissal is drawn up after a Complaint is received when the Defendant has reason to believe the Complaint is invalid.There are certain reasons that courts will accept such as the wrong venue; the Complaint is against someone who is not a party to it; if the Complaint was not served properly.It is usually best not to ask for a dismissal if the cause is not one of the above because it shows your hand. The other side can just do a revised complaint and you're right back where you started. You could better just do an Answer to the Complaint and have one of your answers reflect the reason you think the case is not valid.

Can your employer force you out of your job that you were very good at to do another against your wishes and then replace you with someone else in your old job?

yes, it is called company convenience time.

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Can the police arrest you if there has been a complaint about you stabbing someone in the arm with no evidence?

The complaint itself is evidence. If the officer feels that the complaint fills the need for probable cause, they may arrest on just that information.