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No. It is a misconception that an employer cannot terminate an employee without specific reason. The employee may have grounds to file suit against an employer if it can be proven that he or she were discriminated against under the EEOC laws and regulations.

2006-09-06 21:43:00
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Q: Is it legal for an employer to fire someone for theft when there is absolutely no proof that they took anything?
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Can an employer garnish your wages at will?

Your employer does not garnishee your pay. He must comply with a legal order from someone else to do so and has no choice. He may not fire you for this also. If your employer does garnishee he must have a valid legal order to do so. If he does not he is stealing from you

Legal obligation to tell current employer about new employer?

You don't have a legal obligation to tell your current employer that you are working for someone else unless you signed something stating that you will. Often employers don't want their employees working for their competitors.

Is it legal to record a meeting between an employer and employee?

It is legal for the employer to do so. It is not illegal for the employee to do so, but can violate employer policies, jeopardizing your job.

Is it legal for an employer to charge a fee for taking local taxes out of your check?

Absolutely "NO". They cannot charge to withhold taxes. They can charge to withhold a garnishment if instructed by the court.

Is it illegal to date someone 5 years older than you in Australia?

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Yes, it is absolutely invaluable if you own ANYTHING of value and wish to control its inheritance.

What can you do if your Employer bullies you to not file a comp claim?

It is illegal to record someone without their permission, so allegations can be made against the employer in a legal court and if witnesses can stand forward then the judicial system will take it from there, but other than that nothing can be done against the employer. As for the claim, it is illegal for a claim to be used as a reason for firing a person, and legal action can be taken if the employer does.

Is it legal in the UK to tell someone's employer that they are gay?

Yes, it is legal, but it it is rude and it wouldn't matter anyway. UK employers cannot fire someone for being gay.

In India is it legal for your employer to force you to stay after your shift has ended?

In India it is legal for your employer to force you to stay after your shift has ended.

Is employee provident fund liability of employer?

Yes, It is a legal obligation of the employer.

Is plagiarizing legal?

Absolutely not.

Is it legal for an employee to only want to work 2 hours per day?

It is legal. But I dont think an employer would want someone who only works 2 hours a day.

What if your employer doesn't pay on time?

What legal actions can i take if my employer doesnt pay me?

Do you have a right to a reference from your previous employer?

There is no legal obligation upon an employer to provide a reference.

Is jailbreaking iPhone legal in Australia?

yes it is absolutely legal

Is it legal for employer decrease you profit sharing?

Yes, If you look at your contract/agreement you signed with your employer, you'll find they can do anything. Including taking it away completely. It happened to me! Corporations are people? If they are, they are the most coldhearted folks in the world!

Is it legal for an employer to ask an employee currently employed by the employer whether they are pregnant or not?

I don't believe there is anything illegal about asking that question. I don't believe it is in good taste, but the employer does have to make plans for maternity leave. And if you are not married, and your contract has a morals clause, there could be grounds for dismissal.

Is it legal for an employer to have sexual contact with an employee?


Is it legal for your employer to reduce your pay?

yes it is

Is it legal for an employer to ask about your sexual orientation on a job application?

In Canada it is not legal.

If a husband and wife split and there is a notarized agreement Will it hold up in court?

Absolutely! Anything Notorized is a legal agreement between the signing parties.

Is it legal for car dealers to sell overpriced cars?

It is legal to sell nearly anything at a price someone is willing to pay, high or low.

Are nanny cams legal?


Can my employer suspend my pay?

As an employee, you signed a legal contract with your employer. As long as it is within the terms of your contract, it is legal for your employer to suspend your pay. In addition, if you breached the contract, it is legal for them to do so. To know if you have breached your contract, or if suspension of pay is within the contract, you will have to review the document.

Is it legal for an employer not to take out anything for a full time employee and pay with a personal check that shows nothing taken out?

Yes, perfectly legal. They are not obligated to pay your tax for you, but this is commonly done under a PAYE system.