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If you signed over the title to him as collateral, and you defaulted on the payment plan, he can take it. If YOU still have the title, it is comsidered an open account and he committed felony vehicle theft if he took it.

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Q: In Texas you are making regular payments on repair work though not the amount agreed Still payments are regular The mechanic shop repoed your car adding 1000 to the amount owed Do you have any rights?
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Can a creditor place a lien on your property if you and he have agreed to a monthly payment schedule and you are making the payments?

Yes, if you have agreed that the house will be used for collateral.

Can you repossess a car from your ex if they are not making the agreed upon payments?

i think so:D

Can dealer call and take car back?

If you do not have title or have not been making agreed payments...YES.

If you have made a payment arrangment can your car be repossessed?

Only if you have failed to make the agreed payments on time.

What does insufficient number of accounts paid as agreed mean?

This means out of the total number of accounts you have, you have not paid on enough of them as agreed when you where issued the account. Example would be late payments.

How much are payments on two million at eight percent?

That depends on how soon you've agreed to pay it off.

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How much an automotive mechanic earns in Australia depends on their experience and where they work. If you a good mechanic you can earn more depending on where you are working and the terms of payment agreed upon between the two parties.

Can you repossess a car which you sold to a friend with a written contract stating that if payments are not made as agreed car will be repossessed?


I lent a friend money I have the email in which she agreed to the payments and a paper she signed with the info on the loan It has been 2 months and no payments. Do I have any recourse?

Try your local Small Claims Court.

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Which type of interest is calculated by adding the interest earned to the principal during specific and agreed upon intervals?


Can your loan be in default if you are making your payments on time but have failed to insure the vehicle or provide information to the loan company?

Yes. Making payments on time is only one of several things you agreed to do when you signed the loan papers.

Does default means not pay?

Default means that you have not made the agreed-upon payments in full on time. You may be making partial payments (ie, paying $250 a month instead of $350 a month), but still be in default.

What agreement did the Dakota Sioux make with the US government?

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What is the difference between cash and sales credit?

In cash sales, payments are made instantly by the buyer/customer to the seller, where as in credit sales, the payments are generally made after a specific period as agreed upon between the buyer and the seller.

Can a credtor still garnish your wages if you are paying as much as you can every month?

If you have an agreement to pay an agreed amount and make those payments, garnishment is unlikely.

If you can't make payments on your car can you return it?

You can try. They are not usually under obligation to accept it. You are under contract to make payments and you can be legally ordered to fulfill the terms that you agreed to. Most dealers will be somewhat lenient, as their normal recourse is to repossess the vehicle.

Can your car be repoed if you are not behind on payments?

Technically yes - the vehicle can be repossessed if you are 'in default' of your obligations under the contract. So while the usual way to default on the contract is by missing payments, it is possible for you to be in default by another way, outlined in the contract you agreed to.

If someone was given an auto and title with no contract but cannot make agreed payments what are the rights of the title holder or the previous owner?

It would be the previous owner's loss.

How a budget can be controlled?

Regular monitoring against the agreed budget, compliant to the spending and income streams and reviews of under performance

Can the cosigner repossess the car if the person is not making the payments?

If the co signers credit is going to be affected because of the lack of payments from the payee, and if the co signer is paying for the payments, then yes the car can be given over to the co signer, especially if the payee is not paying for the car that was agreed upon. check with the finance companies, and your local state, county laws.

What does deliance mean?

Liance is an agreed on promise among two people or a group. Adding the prefix de- means that one person voids agreement.

Can a bank still repossess your car if they said they would cancel it and you have made payment arrangements to get current?

If you continue to make payments as agreed, on time, you should be safe from repossession.