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The engine VIN code 5 or VIN code 6 is the 8th character of the VIN stamped on the engine or on plate at bottom of drivers-side windshield. Both were OE with platinum-electrode plugs. The ignition and distributor are different between the two engines because the cylinder heads are different. There is the belief that the DOHC distributor can only be ordered from a dealer since the cables are integral to the cap, however this is not true. A replacement model with integral wires is available in the aftermarket.

Applicable to build dates Nov 1989 to end of 1992 production:

Vin 5 indicates the (legendary) Toyota 4A-GE DOHC, 16-valve, MPFI engine. Cylinder head designed by Yamaha. Engine oil cooler mounted behind bumper, in front of A/C condenser. Under hood emissions label or RPO LWO printed on the option sticker identifies this also. Service Manual Supplement specific to the GSi is ST373-yySUPP, where "yy" is the numeric model year.

Vin 6 indicates the Toyota 4A-FE found in Prizm Base and LSi models.

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Q: In a 1991 Geo Prizm what is the difference between a VIN code 5 engine and a VIN code 6 engine?
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