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In a war between USA and Russia who would win no nukes?

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If you mean only the USA and Russia (not including us allies) the USA because it has a technological upper hand by far plus Russia hasn't got a great navy either. USA is #1


What kind of war doesn't have nukes. Russia would win with nukes.


If nukes are ever used between the 2 - NOBODY wins. The devastation to not only the two countries but the collateral damage to the rest of the world would likely cause a complete collapse of civilization.

Who would win in a no-nukes war would depend a lot on where the war was fought. Each country would have a distinct advantage fighting on their own home turf. Napoleon and Hitler both found out how foolish it was to try to fight Russia in Russian territory.

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Who would win in a war between the US and Russia?

To the moron who wrote "USA has most advanced army and a jet that can go 12,000 miles and hour" your just a typical hypocrite and are a waste to forums like this so shut your facist trap. First of all America and Russia both have advanced weapons and fighter jets. Russia holds the worlds most nukes and Russia has the worlds largest landmass. USA has more people than Russia and has a more advanced military than Russia . USA has a higher population that Russia. At the moment it would be a tie since USA could never take over Russias landmass and Russia could never reach all their army to USA. It would end up in nukes.

Who would win in a war Russia or US?

USA. They got more nukes and we got the first death star prototype in california.

Can Russia defeat America in a war?

In a nonnuclear war, Russia would probably win based on numbers. Russia lost 25 million people in WW2 and defeated the Germans, with the help of other Allied nations, including the USA and England. The USA lost 600,000 people in the Civil War. Russia can afford to lose a lot more people than the USA could and the shear weight of numbers would probably result in an Russian victory. Then the nukes would go off and everyone on the planet Earth would die.

What countries and what strategies did the US engage in cold war tactics?

The USA put missles in Turkey and Greece and pointed them at Russia. The USA also "quarentined" Cuba in order to prevent the building of Nukes that were going to pointed at the USA

What are the release dates for Family Ties - 1982 No Nukes Is Good Nukes 1-8?

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What happened in the 1960's between that involved russia?

The cold war between the USA and Russia

What were the world views of the cold war?

people were scare because both the USSR & the USA created nuclear weapons. the world feared that the mass production of the nukes would result in a nuclear war between the USA & USSR

How many miles between USA and Russia?

About fifteen.

What country is located beet ween Canada and Mexico and Canada and Russia.?

The USA is between Canada and Mexico. The USA in the form of Alaska is also between Canada and Russia.

Top ten army of the world?

by technology:Israel USANorth KoreaRussiaIndia(rest are even)By qualityIsraelUSAIndiaRussiaFrance ( maybe)By nukesUSAIndiaIsraelchinaNorth Korea(Israel is immune to nukes, check arrow missile)By AF ( air force)IndiaIsraelUSANorth KoreaBy tanks ( strength)Merkavah, IsraelIndiaUSANorth Koreaby navyUSAUKRussiaIndiaBy IntelIsraelUSAIndiaRussiaSecret serviceRAW IB MossadMI5secret servicetop 5IndiachinaUSANorth KoreaRussiaIsrael and India and China can nuke all of USARussiamiddle east( all USA sized areas)Israel has best troops and almost hence KD ratio USA and Israel is Israel: 1 America 50+Israel has least deaths from any army EVER in modern history.

Who will win the hockey winter Olympics?

If my estimate USA will win. Canada is very good with Sidney Crosby, who plays for the Pittsburgh Penguins, can also win. USA has a very good team. But it's between USA, Canada, or Russia. Russia because Evgeni Malkin is on that team too which is also from the Pittsburgh Penguins. It's between these three but my estimate would be 1.USA 2.Canada 3.Russia

The definition of the space race?

is the race between Russia and USA

What is the name of the strait between the USA and Russia?

The Bering Strait.

What are the release dates for The Nukes - 2009?

The Nukes - 2009 was released on: USA: 30 August 2009 (Los Angeles, California) USA: 21 September 2010 (Valley Film Festival)

Who is stronger between US and Russia?

usa will win beter tognalgy

What was the final score of the 1980 Olympic hockey game between US versus Russia?

4 USA 3 Russia

Is there going to be a World War III?

MOST LIKELY It will probably start in the Middle East. I think EU and some NATO countries would step in to help. It is very likely to be east v. west with some countries on wrong side of world for their allies. Then Russia, China, (maybe Japan), North Korea and Iran will get involved on opposite side. With nukes USA and Russia would massacre each other, UK would be hit a small bit but countries underestimate UK's potential. MI6 would set off and assassinate lots of enemies hopefully! Anyway, with nukes, economies would be destroyed and everything goes downhill. Without nukes, the USA, UK and Commonwealth powers with some NATO countries would win. There would be high cost but West is very efficient and organised. You can argue that East has a lot of troops and good technology but West would still win for quality. Once again I bring up the point that Uk has best trained troops in world and SAS are very good soldiers.

Who was the most powerful between Russia and US after World War 2?


How many US's would make up Russia?

Russia is 1.740(sq. mi) times bigger then the USA.

How long does it take to drive from the UK to Miami?

You can not drive from the UK to USA. The only possibility would be is if the proposed Bering Strait Bridge Dezneva (Russia) to Wales (Alaska) ever actually got built. But it seems unlikely due to the relationship between Russia and the USA!

If USA got involved in the war between Russia and Georgia would USA be on Georgia's side?

Maybe. Georgia and the US are allies. The Russian Confederation and the US are trading partners but have not entered into an alliance. Well Not to long ago USA and russia signed a treaty.Instead of a frenamie state they are in a buddy state now.

What is the shortest distance between the USA and Russia?

The shortest distance from the USA to Russia is 55 miles across Bering Strait from Cape Prince of Wales in Alaska to Cape Dezhnev in Russia. The Diomede Islands lie en route.

How many times can the USA fit in Russia?

The US would fit inside of Russia 1.74 times.

What war is in Call of Duty Black Ops?

It is the cold war. Between the USA and Russia