In the late 19th century in what ways was the plight of American and Native American and African American immigrants similar and different?

African Americans and Native Americans were both people that were in tune with their ancestors and land. They both found it almost blasphemy to try and sell and or take land. It is believed to be here for everyone to take care of and for it to take care of us. It being the planet, native country, natural resources etc. They both were plagued by diseases that European or Caucasians brought with them when they came in contact with the two groups. The two groups also both first welcomed Europeans until the Europeans either killed them off or enslaved them. The two groups are different because the Africans were kidnapped and brought here to the USA where as Native Americans were just that...Native to this land we now call the USA. They were kidnapped alsoand the Europeans tried to enslave them, but that did not work because they were too weak from the diseases. They were then, simply run off theior land. African Americans wanted to leave and were chained, shackled and beaten, thus could not.Christopher Columbus did not discover America. He was the first to discover it for Spain and Spainards.Native Americans such as the Taino, Cherokee, Black Foot, Sioux, and many others were here already. One similarity is that both were illegally kidnapped, bought, sold and enslaved.