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Does the repair shop have a lien on your car for you not paying them for repairs to the car?If they do have a lien then yes they can seize the vehicle until you satisfy the lien. As Tank said, they need to have a lien on the title. You have to have signed an agreement with the shop stating that they can lien your title and repo your car if you don't pay. Most repair shops won't let you pick the car up until you pay up. So, you must have signed something saying they could pick it up if you didn't pay. Also, repo companies may not necessarily be required to be bonded. It depends on the state. In CA I believe they do. Only a bond for the business and as required by the LENDER.


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AnswerIt depends on what state your in and the bonding company.california

A company is bonded because of state licensing decisions. Local governments decide on what companies need to be bonded, typically those that handle money.

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This may very from state to state, but from what I am aware of the cars are bonded, which means the company has proven being able to pay for damage. The company pays for damages out of their pockets.

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There are a number of companies that offer insurance licenses in California. One way to obtain a license would be through the state department of insurance itself. Another place would be through Kaplan Financial Education.

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