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Yes. Child support is for the "custodial parent". If you are not living at home with your custodial parent, then they are no longer eligible to receive child support. However, the non-custodial parent can request a modification if the child is no longer living with the custodial parent and that includes a change of custody. A 17 yr old is not emancipated in Texas, unless proper procedures through the courts have taken place. If that is the case, then the custodial parent and child are no longer eligible for child support.

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Can a minor receiving child support continue receiving support once he breaks the law and starts using drugs?

Typically, the custodial parent of a minor continues to receive child support until the minor becomes an adult or is emancipated.

Can a minor receiving child support continue receiving support once he has a child?

Technically, if it is not in the court order, your custodial parent could still receive support. However, if I were them I would immediately file for your emancipation and stop the child support. If the child is choosing to make adult decisions, they take on adult responsibilities.

How is a child support given to guardian by parent receiving child support?

the guardian should file to have the order transferred to them as well as file on the parent currently receiving it to also pay. Or the obligor parent should file for custody.

What can you do if you know a parent receiving child support but doesn't have custody of the children?

Encourage the person or persons with legal custody to file for child support modification or diversion of funds to them. If they do not have legal custody, that must be established or child support will continue to go to the person of record, the parent, in this case.

Can a parent continue receiving child support from a state she no longer reside in?

Yes, all US states recognize and enforce child support orders. If the payments are being made through CPS or another state agency they will continue as usual. If the payments are being made by the non custodial parent the court order for support still remains valid and enforceable.

Can ex spouse refuse child support?

In most states, no, the custodial parent cannot refuse child support. Very few states allow the custodial parent to decline receiving child support.

Does the parent that pays child support have to continue paying support if the child age 17 is having a baby and has a live in boyfriend.?

The parent that pays child support does not need to pay child support for her child`s kids, only the current right parent.

In the state of Mississippi if a child moves in with the parent paying child support can child support be terminated or enforced on the parent previously receiving support?

Yes, but you'd have to file an amendment (order modification) to the existing order with a request for support for yourself.

Is high school attendance by a minor child mandatory in order for the custodial parent to continue receiving child support payments?

While elementary school is mandatory, high school is not. Unless the support order specifically states that the child needs to be attending high school in order for support to be paid, the answer is "NO".

Can you still get child support if the noncustodial parent is receiving SSI?

In this situation a perons's income is considered too low to have child support enforced.

If a parent has a disability and the child receives payment from the government and not the parent with the disability does the parent still owe child support on his disability income?

If a child is receiving money from the government because one parent has a disability, chances are that the parent will not be expected to pay child support in addition to that money. The court order that is in place controls what happens regarding support.

What affect might it have if you cancel child support and you are receiving benefits?

If the custodial parent is on any public assistance he or she must attempt to collect financial support from the non custodial parent or they will be disqualified for public aid.

What happens when their is an existing child support order and the parent paying the support goes to jail?

The parent that is taking care of the child will get somewhat of a 'grant' from the Goverment, until the parent in jail is released, then he/she will have to continue paying the child support, or risk going to jail again.

Can a non custodial pay child support if they receive welfare?

A parent who is receiving public assistance (including SSI) should not be ordered to pay support.

Can custodial parent receiving public assistance stop child support and arears?

No. Child support and arrears comes first. If she then still is not making enough she can get assistance.

Do you have to pay child support for a person who is 21?

Not usually, but there are some cases in which you might. 1. Some states require the non-custodial parent to continue to pay child support if the child hasn't graduated high school and is still living with the custodial parent. 2. If the child is disabled, there is no cut off age for ending child support. The non-custodial parent will continue to owe child support for as long as the disabled child lives with the custodial parent.

Does a court order for child support give the parent receiving the support automatic full custody of that child?

No. Custody and child support are two different legal issues and they are addressed separately.

Can a child support arears be erased if paying parent becomes disabled receiving SSI not SSD?

No, though the SSI is not attachable, the arrears will remain, and gain interest. This benefits the state, as they can continue to claim annual federal matching funds of 15%.

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