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Buddhism is present in almost all the countries of the world.

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Buddhism spread to: China Japan Korea Most of Asia. Buddhism spread to: China Japan Korea Most of Asia.

Buddhism effects the cultures and countries of China, India, the Middle east and many countries in Asia

Buddhism originated in India but is prominent in China and present in many countries around the world. China, is one of them. It is mostly in Asia.

Almost all the south Asian countries follow Buddhism. In China also, it is the largest religion leaving the atheist.

Mostly, Buddhism is dominant in Eastern Asia, in countries such as Vietnam and Cambodia, China, Japan, and Korea. (Although China is Communist, it is still widely practiced).

Buddhism has spread across the world but is most popular in China, Japan, India, and other countries in that geographic vascinity.

Buddhism was brought to China by missionaries.

Buddhism is a religion that has its roots in Asia. Most Buddhists worship in temples built in countries su8ch as India and China.

He did not do anything to China!Answer:Buddhism (the result of the Buddha's teaching) was brought to China and from there to Japan and Korea. It influenced the thinking and philosophies of these countries.

Indian merchants and teachers brought Buddhism to China

Missionaries from India came to China and brought Buddhism.

primarily in China and parts of India, some in other southeast Asian countries

The Tang emporer suppressed Buddhism to gain the wealth of the Buddhist monasteries. After this, Buddhism in China declined.

how did Buddhism preadc within china from there when did it spread

None of the countries celebrates Buddhism

The countries that have the most people practicing Buddhism are China, Thailand, and Vietnam. Other major countries are Myanmar and Sri Lanka.

The arrival of Buddhism impacted China by art, culture, and family

Buddhism was brought to china in the first A.D. by merchants and missionaries from IndiaBuddhism was first introduced in India. It was then carried over to China by merchants and travelers.

There are many countries. Some are Thailand,China ,Japan, Singapore, Sri Lanka ,Myanmar

Buddhism spread through China was undoubtedly hastened by the fact that many practices and beliefs of Buddhism are similar to Daoism, which was native to China. Zen or Ch'an Buddhism is best understood as a blending of Buddhism and Daoism. .

Long list,really! Buddhism is practiced all over the world,enormously in India. Here are the top 5 countries that practice this religion: India Nepal China Thailand and Japan

Buddhism arrived in China around 100 BC, during the Han Dynasty.

No African countries practice Buddhism as their main religion.

Buddhism was accepted by millions of people in other lands. missionaries had carried Buddha's message through Asia. Buddha became mixed with earlier Chinese thinkers. millions of Chinese became Buddhists ,and Buddhists monasteries in china became centers of religious thought. today, Buddhism is part of the cultures of such countries as japan, the Korea's, china, Tibet, part of china ,and Vietnam.

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