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What cultures did Buddhism affect?

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Buddhism effects the cultures and countries of China, India, the Middle East and many countries in Asia

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How did Hinduism and Buddhism affect Southeast Asia?

Hinduism and Buddhism affected Southeast Asia, by introducing the two new cultures to Asia.

How did Buddhism affect society?

Buddhism beliefs did not affect their society!

How does Buddhism affect the people of India?

How did buddhism affect people in India?

What cultures belived in Buddhism?

Actually all do. There are Buddhists in almost every country.

What cultures believe in Buddhism?

Buddhists are found among all the world's people. Most cultures in the world have Buddhist followers and accept them. Buddhism is least prevalent in Africa, Ilamic countries in the Middle East and most prevalent in Asia.

What are some interesting topics to write about on the subject of Buddhism?

* How Buddhism can affect one's life. * What are the believes of Buddhism * Which ethnic groups are Buddist

How did the Buddhist's pray?

Prayer was not a part of early Buddhism. In some cultures, Buddhism is combined with other religions in which prayer plays a part, but it is not Buddhist prayer.

Culture of the Indian ocean people?

Buddhism, Christian, Muslim, and more that about African cultures.

What are examples of religions within different cultures?

church of england-england Buddhism-india

How does global and local visual art affect cultures?

Global and local visual art affect cultures in a great number of ways. These features represent a cultures values and morals.

How do conflict diamonds affect cultures?

Conflict diamonds can destroy, dismember and dismantle cultures.

How do Buddhists celebrate coming of age?

Buddhism is not about rituals and celebration, it is about liberation. Any rituals around "coming of age" would be attached to the cultures in which practitioners of Buddhism live.

What effects has religion had on society in Buddhism?

Buddhism taught of non-violence and non-injury that formed part of the culture of the society. Buddhism also copied from another religion the practice of vegetarianism that has also contributed to changing cultures.

What marged with native cultures on the Indian subcontinent from Hinduism?

Hinduism was always open to accept new ideas & cultures. Thus invaders cultures also blended with Hinduism. Such as nonviolence from Buddhism & no animal sacrifice from Jainism.

What are the cultures of the asean countries?

They have many cultures in the Asian countries. In Asia art and music are done a lot, there religions are Hinduism and Buddhism and they are more like the western world.

What are some key events that changed how Buddhism was praticed by followers?

The Buddhist convention in Sri Lanka in the first century A.D. determined rules for how Theravada Buddhism should be practiced. Practitioners of Buddhism also adapted it to their various cultures.

Are all Buddhism marriages arranged?

Arranged marriage is a cultural customary phenomenon. Religions often are modified slightly to fit the local cultures. Buddhism has nothing to do with arranged marriages.

How did the Buddha affect Buddhism?

Simply, The Buddha is the reason that Buddhism exists. He was the first documented person to reach enlightenment and to then teach others what he discovered. Without the Buddha there would be no Buddhism.

How does McDonald's affect cultures?

Changed the way people eat and the way people are employed in different cultures.

How does undisposed plastic affect cultures?

there is a simple answer to this question it does not affect culture whatso ever

How does Buddhism affect daily life?

Gives people lots of morals

How does other cultures affect your culture?

Other cultures can have an affect on your culture because of globalization. For example, the arrival of Indian immigrants in Britain led to curry becoming a national dish.

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