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Buddhism originated in India but is prominent in China and present in many countries around the world. China, is one of them. It is mostly in Asia.

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In which present-day country did the religion of Buddhism begin?

The country that the religion of Buddhism begin was India.

What is Nepal religion before Buddhism?

Nepal is a country In south Asia.their religion is Buddhism

What religion do Sri Lankan people follow?

Theravada Buddhism. Theravada Buddhism is the largest religion in the country. Only country which has pure Theravada Buddhism in the world.

What is the predominant religion in Thailand?

The national religion of the country is Buddhism

Why is Buddhism the main religion in Sri Lanka?

Because nearly 80% of the total population of this country follow Buddhism as their religion, whose language is Sinhalese

Which European country consider the Buddhism as their state religion?

None. The only countries I know of whose official state religion is Buddhism is Cambodia and Bhutan.

Where in the world did Buddhism begin?

Buddhism began in India. It was the birth country of Guatama Buddha, the man the religion is based off of.

What does the term Buddhism mean?

The term "buddhism" means that you believe in Buddha and you are of the religion. buddhism is a religion

When did Buddhism exist?

Buddhism was recognized as a philosophy/religion about 2500 years ago. It continues today in almost every country in the world.

Does the religion of Buddhism have one god?

Technically Buddhism is not a religion and it has no god.

What religion practice buddhsm?

Buddhism is the religion. Buddhist practice Buddhism.

In what country is Buddhism the most common religion?

Its most common in Tibet, China, and Japan.

What is religion of Korean country?

The two main religions in South Korea are Christianity and Buddhism.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the religion of Buddhism?

the religion of Buddhism is almost as same as the Christian

Is Buddhism Islams religon?

Of Course NO, Islam is religion and Buddhism is Different religion

Is Buddhism both a religion and a philosophy?

Yes Buddhism is both a religion and a philosophy

What was the religion of Aryans?

Chinese Buddhism Chinese Buddhism Chinese Buddhism Chinese Buddhism Buddhism

What is a sentence with the word Buddhism?

Buddhism is the most peaceful religion in the world.The teachings of Buddhism are philosophical and enlightening.

Is Buddhism a christian religion?

No. Buddhism is an Asian religion the predates Christianity by hundreds of years.

Wars in Buddhism?

Buddhism is a religion of PEACE!!! There has NEVER been any wars in the name or against Buddhism as a religion in the history of mankind.

What is the religion of Japanese?

buddhism Mostly Buddhism and Shinto.

Which Gods are part of Buddhism?

Buddhism is a Philosophy, not a religion.

Why is Buddhism a false religion?

To millions, Buddhism is NOT a false religion. It could be that it's what is in the eye of the beholder.

Why Buddhism is not the main religion in India?

Buddhism isn not really a religion. it is just a way of life.

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