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Armenia is located on the continent of Asia, is referred to in several instances in the bible as the near east (NOT middle east!) and her most famous Mt. Ararat is also mentioned several times as her ancient name of Urartu. Armenia is half way between Asia and Europe and Armenians are referred to as Indo-Europeans, as is the Armenian language. Sometimes they are referred to as Eurasian as well. Armenia joined the EU in the mid 1990's and are part of the United Nations. Ancient Armenia's borders were the caspian sea, the black sea and the mediterranean sea. Ottoman Turks reduced Armenia's borders as a result of the Armenian Genocide to less than 20% of her original borders, and Turkey enclosed our beloved Mt Ararat within it's borders. Many of Armenia's ancient churches were destroyed by the muslim turks and to defy Russia, they placed a large portion of muslims to the east of armenia and gave them this land as Azerbaijan in 1920, encouraging them to destroy what was left of any remnants of Armenia, rename the cities and create new history on our ancient land.
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What is Armenia?

Armenia:is one of the oldest countries in the world.It is a very natural country and has very beautiful views mostly it's green mountains all over the land ,it's a very peaceful country. Armenia is a small (former Soviet) republic is the southern Caucaus bordering on Turkey from west ,Azerbayjan ( Full Answer )

Who is the President of Armenia?

Serzh Sargsyan (Սերժ Սարգսյան) is the President of Armenia, having assumed office on 2008 April 9. He won the 2008 February presidential election as chairman of the Republican Party.

What is the capital of Armenia?

The capital city of Armenia is Yerevan, which is situated on the Hrazdan river and on the Araratian plain. Yerevan is the capital city of Armenia and it is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world.

Where is Armenia?

Armenia is a country in Eastern Europe in the Southern Caucasus.Countries that border Armenia are Georgia, The Nagorno-KarabakhRepublic, Naxicevan, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Iran at the South.Armenia is a very ancient cultural and historical country that hasa history of nearly 6000 years (until 4000BC) ( Full Answer )

Were is armenia located?

Armenia is located in the Middle East. It lies to the south ofGeorgia, the west of Azerbaijan, and the east of Turkey.

How old is Armenia?

Armenia has a history dating back to about 3500 B.C, but they were merely tribes. Armenia became a Noted Nation in about 700 B.C. in the late 300's A.D, Armenia fell to the Persian Empire in the east, and the byzantine empire in the west. it gained its independence in 1071 A.D.

A note about the people in Armenia?

About 94 percent of the population of Armenia belongs to the Armenian Apostolic Church. Small Roman Catholic and Protestant communities also exist in Armenia. Catholic missionaries began converting Armenians in the Ottoman and Persian empires in the early modern era, and American Protestant missiona ( Full Answer )

What is the national game of Armenia?

the national game of Armenia is the chess! they teach it in every were;schools, clubs and so on any were you look you can find them at any age children or old Armenians playing chess!

Is Armenia a poor country?

Answer 1 Yes it is a desperately poor country with an official per capita nominal of 2008 is officially Nominal Per Capita US Dollars: $3,400.560 Purchasing Power Parity Per Capita: $5,436.995 Armenia has a very high Poverty rate of 32% Armenia's economic output fell severely after the fall of th ( Full Answer )

Continent of Armenia?

Armenia is mostly in Europe. You cannot call it an Asian state because of its European cities and other things. The Caucasus (which includes Armenia) is in Europe more than in Asia.

Armenia belongs to which continent?

It belongs to Eurasia. Even though that's not a continent. It is East of Turkey (Europe) and West of Azerbaijan (Asia). So it's right on the border.

If you put politics aside and you just take in consideration the geography which continent belongs Armenia Georgia Azerbaijan Malta and Iceland?

Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia are on the borders of Europe and Asia, usually considered to be in Asia.. Malta is on the southern edge of Europe, and has always been 'Mediterranean' in outlook, so it would be hard but not impossible to argue for it being in Africa.. The geology of Iceland is spl ( Full Answer )

When is winter in Armenia?

The winter in Armenia is in winter, more or less. There are some skiing resorts in Armenia, such as: Tsahkadzor,Dzhermuk, Sevan (Akhtamar). Most known of them - Tsahkadzor,located just 40 kilometers away from capital of Armenia - Yerevan.

How is armenia today?

Armenia today has the economy which is growing and developing. Area disagreement holds up economic growth. In addition, Armenia has no access to sea ports difficult because the border with Turkey is closed. In 2010, it was confirmed that Turkey will keep the border closed for the predictable future ( Full Answer )

Is armenia in Africa?

No Armenia is not in Africa it it in the middle of Asia and Europe.

What is the most popular sport in Armenia?

The most popular sport in armenia is split between football and boxing, although Chess is the most popular 'sport' there but it depends whether you count chess as a sport?

How did Armenia get its name?

The native Armenian name for the country is Hayk'. The name in the Middle Ages was extended to Hayastan, by addition of the Iranian suffix -stan (land). The name has traditionally been derived from Hayk (Հայկ), the legendary patriarch of the Armenians and a great-great-grandson of Noah, ( Full Answer )

Why are Armenia and Turkey in a conflic?

Because Armenia does not accept Turkey's eastern borders which is accepted by the rest of the world, Armenia has territorial claims on Eastern Turkey, and name eastern territories of Turkey as western Armenia.

Date of independence for Armenia?

- . Independence from the Soviet Union Declared Recognised Finalised. 23 August 1990 21 September 1991 25 December 1991 .

Who begin to attack Armenia in 1914?

1915 The Ottoman Turks attacked Armenia and killed about 1.5 million Armenians Sadly, after years of trying America still does not recognize it.

Can you use euro in Armenia?

NOPE. the national currency in armenia is the dram ( translated to English as "money")

Are there malls in Armenia?

There are malls all over the world... of course there are malls in Armenia. The term MALL originates in the US. There are countries that have used this term for large shopping centres i.e. In the UK therm Shopping center equates to a US Mall

What is the date of Christmas in Armenia?

Christmas in Armenia is celebrated on January 6th. The Christmas holiday season starts on New Year's Eve and continues until the old Julian calendar's New Year's Eve on Januart 13th.

When will System of a down come to Armenia?

Some very very nice and important day liek april 24 the day od the armenian genocide Serj said they are likely to have concert on that very day on 2012 let's pray for that all fans from armenia

What is the capital of Armenia Asia?

The capital of Armenia is Yerevan. . The "r" is a "d" sound in Armenian . So, it sounds like "Yedevan" Hope this helps! :)

How large is armenia?

Many years ago, Armenia was much larger than it is today, but when the Armenian Genocide happened in 1915 much of Armenia was taken over by turkey! Armenia is now about 1/3 of its size than it was before the genocide! Thanks to Turkey, many people died on that day and and innocent country with only ( Full Answer )

What are the climates in Armenia?

\n\n The climate changes depending\non the elevation, ranging from dry subtropical /continental types to the cold\ntypes. \n . \n\n

What does Armenia believe?

If you mean religion, Armenians by majority are Orthodox Christian. They were the first nation to accept Christianity.

What is currancy in Armenia?

The currency in Armenia is dram. Usually 300 dram is one dollar (median of the stocks).

What crops are grown in Armenia?

Because of it's fertile volcanic soil allows cultivation of wheat, barley, figs, pomegranates, apricots, and olives as well as potatoes, vegetables, grapes.

What did the Romans call Armenia?

The Romans called Armenia, Armenia. The name has not changed. The Romans called Armenia, Armenia. The name has not changed. The Romans called Armenia, Armenia. The name has not changed. The Romans called Armenia, Armenia. The name has not changed. The Romans called Armenia, Armenia. The name has ( Full Answer )

Who started the Church of Armenia?

The Armenian Orthodox Church was established by the apostles Bartholomew and Thaddeus. Armenia was the first country to adopt Christianity as its official religion (in 301AD).

Are gypsies from armenia?

No. The Romani (who often labelled incorrectly as Gypsies) areoriginally from the Afghanistan/Pakistan region, not Armenia.However, they passed through Armenia on their way to Europe.

What are houses in Armenia like?

Rural homes in Armenia have a courtyard, city homes in Armenia have 2 to 3 rooms, neither have plumbing! (There's usually a pump outside.)

What percentage of Armenia is Mountainous?

Topography of Armenia is determined by its location on the Armenian plateau. There are a lot of mountain ranges (approximately 47% of the territory). There are many volcanic mountains, intermountain hollows, plateaus and plains.

What are facts about Armenia?

Armenia (officially the Republic of Armenia) was the first country in the world to adopt Christianity as its state religion (in the early 4th century).

What are some holidays celebrated in Armenia?

Normal Christian Orthodox holidays and a fun holiday called Varte Var where you throw water at each other and when I went we dropped water from the top floor of a building and we hosed down taxis!

How many churches is there in Armenia?

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Who is the most famous person in Armenia?

The three Kardashian sisters are originally from Armenia and Cher is also a very famous person who has originated from Armenia. Check out the List of famous Armenians article on Wikipedia.

Is it safe to visit Armenia?

Yes it is very safe to visit armenia i have been there 2 times and it was gorgeous. All people are very nice and by trip was really good. That country has so many historical places that it can partially take you to the ancient world and middle ages. But there were also many great new places.

What facts are of Armenia?

It was the first christian country in 301 they had a genocide which was created by the Turks and started on April 24, 1915. 1.5 million people were killed Most of Armenia's land was taken away by turkey and is now known as turkey

What do they have in country of Armenia?

They are the unique nation state with language they say is Armenian. They are unitary with multiple unique state parties with visitor sites people seek to see.

What religion does Armenia have?

The state-adopted religion is Christianity - with o ver 93% of Armenian Christians belong to the Armenian Apostolic Church.

Does Armenia have technology?

All humans living everywhere at all times that humans have livedhave had and continue to have technologies. The technologies thatthe earliest humans had were all created by their prehumanancestors. Every human that has ever lived at any time anywhere hasused thousands of different technologies every ( Full Answer )