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Q: In which country quota will your immigration petition fall if you are born in India but are now a citizen of Canada?
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How does a US citizen sponsor someone from Canada?

contact immigration

What country has the easiest immigration policy?


What are the reasons for immigration to Canada?

it is a free country

Can you come to Canada?

Yes, Canada is a free country and is open for immigration.

Where can a new citizen find work in Canada?

First one would need to obtain a work permit that allows them to obtain a job in Canada. Second, there are several places one can go to find work, such as Citizen and Immigration Canada.

Who is Canada immigration director?

Canada Immigration directors

Can a us citizen rent a house in Canada?

Yes. The length of time you may remain in Canada is based on immigration law, but US citizens can buy or rent property in Canada.

How did immigration affect Canada?


How did immigration from Canada and Mexico in 1870 compare with immigration in 1914?

Immigration from Canada decreased, while immigration from Mexico increased.

How did the massive immigration to Canada near the turn of the twentieth century affect the complex identity of your country?

What is your country?

When a baby was born in other country such as US and Canada are they considered citizen of that country?

Yes they are.

Do you need a passport to return from Canada if you are a US citizen?

Yes,cause Canada is a another Country.

If you have a work authorization in the US but you got an immigrant visa from Canada does the US give you a travel permit if you go to Canada and apply for a re-enter permit?

The USA has no obligation to allow entry to someone who is NOT a Canadian citizen. Your immigration status in Canada means nothing to the US government. They decide who can enter their country, or not.

Why would one need an immigration lawyer in Canada?

You might need an immigration lawyer in Canada if you are seeking immigration status in Canada. Immigration lawyers are legally, professionally and ethically forced to act in your best interests and it would be at their disadvantage to do otherwise.

Which country has the most difficult immigration procedure Canada UK US or Australia?


Can you be automatically a citizen in Canada if a Canadian citizen marry you?

It is not possible to become a Canadian Citizen just by marrying a Canadian citizen. Citizenship cannot be acquired by marriage in any country.

If a child is born to a mother who is a Canadian citizen by birth outside Canada what is his status going to be?

He will be a citizen of whatever country he is born in.

How can your British Citizen boyfriend marry you in Canada?

If you are a Canadian citizen you can marry a british citizen in Canada. You still have to go through the immigration process if you wish to be together and for him to be a permanent resident. Immigration does grant implied status once you have submitted your application for permanent residence until the process is complete, but if he leaves Canada at any time during the process, it could be difficult to get back in and the process would have to start all over again. To apply inside Canada for residence is easier than to apply outside of Canada. So if he thinks he will get homesick, or will have to go back then you should reconsider getting married until the time is right. Otherwise, it is easy to do and if you are patient for immigration, it can be possible too.

Please does anyone know about canadian immigration system Im a single parent my 2 kids(3yrs) are citizens but im not. We live outside canada. Their biological father filed for them. Need info. on benefits for children and non citizen mother. Thanks.?

Canada is really good about immigration but it still does take a while. You have to go to canada with a skill however, you can't just become a citizen to become a citizen, that your children are citizens is certainly a point in favor of you, however, they still will require certain things from you.

Do a Germany refugee passport holder need visa to visit Canada?

It depends on what country they originally are from. You need to check with Immigration Canada and see if the country of origin is on the Visa required list.

What is k1 visa in Ontario Canada?

A K1 visa is a document that allows a person that is not from Canada to marry someone who is a citizen of Canada. It is required to enter the country and conduct the marriage. If the citizen is wanting to travel outside of Canada to marry someone a different visa is needed.

How does Canada's immigration policy affect Canadian identity?

By opening their doors big time through Express Entry and calling almost all the profession of world, Canada is going to avail good and positive affect regarding their immigration policies. These days, Canada is a hot country to go, work, and live there and then settle over there. Everybody knows that Canada is a great country and has one of the best infrastructure in the world. They have one of best universities and colleges in their country who provide great study environment. So, by all means if Canada is going to gain a positive approach and affect through Canada immigration.

How do you calculate emigration rate?

You can calculate a country's immigration rate in a manner similar to the calculation of birth and death rates. The immigration rate for Canada is 7/1000 (0.7%)

How long can a US citizen visit Canada without a visa?

According to Citizenship and Immigration Canada, people from countries whose citizens do not require a visa to visit Canada (including the US), are allowed to stay in the country for up to a maximum of 6 months per year. However, the immigration officials at the point of entry decide for how long you actually are allowed to stay. People mentioned above are required to obtain a visa prior to arrival if they decide to stay in Canada for more than 6 months.

What two qualifications must someone have to vote in Canada?

To be a Citizen of the country and to pay tax

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