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When my V6 fuel pump was inoperative the engine sputtered and made bad sounds like it had jumped time. It was the fuse (thousands of miles since) and was fixed in the parking lot quickly - had me worried for a few minutes though.

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What if your 96 Legacy has no spark?

check the crankshaft and/or camshaft position sensors, if they are not working the ECU will not "see" the engine turning, therefore no need to spark..

Where is the turning signal relay on a 1989 Lincoln Continental 4.2L V8?

if your turning signal is not working it maybe the turn signal. it was like that in my 93

What happens if the camshaft isn't working?

The engine won't run.

Can you change camshaft without removing the engine?

that depends on what car you are working on

1998 Pontiac sunfire will not start it does not get a spark and i changed the ignition coils and the module below it please help me get it started thanks?

Have you checked for a computer code? That vehicle should have either a crankshaft position sensor or a camshaft position sensor. Make sure it is working properly.

How do you tell if the Camshaft sensor is bad 99 Ford 4.0?

A diagnostic tester can tell you if the camshaft sensor is not working properly. Most Ford dealerships have diagnostic testers.

Where is 1997 Chevrolet cam position sensor on Silverado?

the camshaft sensor is located on the distribator,near back of motor-under distribator-cap.if not working usually causes back-fire and loss of engine power,as if running out of gas

2001 Lincoln ls and horn stop working?

yes horn is not working

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What are the signs of a blown fuse?

No power, Not working, Not turning on, EXC.

How do you get the camshaft pulley off?

It depends on what you are working on. Some just slide off and some have to be pulled off with a puller.

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Does a crankshaft position sensor on a 2004 dodge durango have a backup system default mode that will allow the engine to continue to run for a short period of time?

Normally if the crank sensor fails while running,the engine can keep running with just a working camshaft sensor.

How does 1995 Lincoln Town Car air suspension work?

the air suspension stopped working on my 1994 lincoln

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Why can't I get my 2002 Mustang out of Park?

Check to see if the brake lights are working Shift interlock is the same circuit Try turning the key to 1st position after lock without engine running--then shift to neutral to start vehicle

What would not allow the sifter to move from park to drive on a 1997 SL2 Saturn?

Check to see if the stop lights are working - shift interlock is the same circuit If they are not working check the stop light fuse. Try turning the key to "on" position without starting vehicle then shift to Neutral to start and then shift to Drive

What is the cause for a P0344 code on a ford 1997 7.3 diesel?

Camshaft sensor is working intermittently, could cause a hard start or no start

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What make a horn on a 2001 Lincoln LS stop working.?

clock spring