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Inertia fuel shut-off switch for 1993 Nissan Quest is not working and disabling the automatic seat belt?

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2009-09-06 17:34:41

Inertia fuel shut off switch is a switch, closed normally and opens up during collision to prevent burning your vehicle or heavy bumps alone can do it. The best way to check it is working is replace it with a new one (cost about 30 bucks) or measure the resistance between terminals (it is a switch) and it should read at least less than 1 ohm then it is good. The disabling of the automatic seatbelt ckt has nothing to do with your fuel system, that is it belongs to srs system. Have your dealer check it for sure safety.

Not to act like I know everything, I do know this one. I had a tire separate on the driver's side, and the tread beating about under the fender disabled both the fuel pump and the shoulder belt mechanism. When I reset the switch, the shoulder belt went forward, and I was able to start the van. The switch is located under the inside hood release, on the driver's side kick panel next to the door panel. If the switch doesn't reset the system, then the switch may be faulty.

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