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The Blue Book says $450 for a rifle or $425 for a carbine. The prices for commemorative firearms assumes that ALL ORIGINAL packaging and literature is included and everything is completely as-issued. The slightest scratch from cocking the hammer once, a crease in the accompanying certificate, etc. will reduce it to the value of a non-commemorative in excellent condition, which is approximately $275-$325 depending on the exact configuration.

interesting answer. i hope they didn't offer to buy them from you after an answer like that. you have consectutive serial numbers. that is rare. if you have the boxes and paperwork in good condition you should expect to get well over 1200.00 for the pair and perhaps more if the buyer is a fan of model 94 comms. quite honestly the best thing would be to store them in a good enviormentally controlled safe and let your kid benifit from them unless you get an offer far greater that what i told you. this type of firearm while made to be collectible carries the burden of its intentions. no one buys them to shoot cans or deer with, so all of them are still in mint condition and each owner secretly hopes by a freak accident the other2,3,or 5,000 of them will magically vanish and his\hers will be the one and only worth tons of money. as an investment they are alot like savings bonds, slow to mature and show a real return, but safe and will steadily rise in value however slowly. most important of all is to enjoy them, show them off to close friends and take them out and fondle and then clean them every now and then.

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Q: Information and approximate value of a pair of Winchester Model 94 Theodore Roosevelt Commemorative ONE G 9454RM-ONE G 9455?
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