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Let's agree on terms. Clutch is still not fully engaging? To me this means that when it's in gear the clutch slips. Looking at it another way I wonder if you mean when you step on the clutch it doesn't disengage. That it is hard to shift gears. Makes a difference. If the clutch is not gripping that is not going to have anything to do with the slave cylinder or bleeding it.

If it is that the clutch is not disengaging so that you can shift you are sure about your bleeding technique, changed the slave, the only things left are the master cylinder and the lines.

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If the clutch was not disengaging I would say the clutch master is empty of hydraulic fluid, this would be a result of a leak in the master or the slave cylinder. If the clutch is not engaging I would suspect the clutch disc has shredded in which case the clucth assembly would have to be replaced.

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yes. it drys and hardens the rubber seals that are suppose to hold hydraulic fluid pressure engaging the clutch packs.

Typically, the clutch accumulator restricts the flow of fluid upon engaging the clutch so that you do not risk "dumping the clutch" and putting undue strain on your pressure plate and hydraulic clutch system. I typical performance mod on some cars is to bypass or delete the accumulator for faster shifts and a truer clutch "feel." Do not remove the accumulator without thorough research on how it will affect your particular make and model.

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To the best of my knowledge, the clutch on this vehicle is hydraulic and does not need to be adjusted manually. If you are having trouble engaging the clutch or shifting you should have your clutch checked to see if it needs to be replaced. I had, what sounds like, the same problem with my clutch. I own a 1995 Saturn SL2 with a hydraulic clutch. I COULD NOT put car into gear, whether the car was running or turned off. It turned out that the hyrdaulic clutch was out of hydraulic fluid. I took it to my mechanic, (I hadn't the slightest clue what could be causing this). He took a look and filled the clutch with hydraulic fluid and said it works just fine now. He said he didn't see a leak, or any indications of a leak. So we will see. But the short of it is, your (hydraulic) clutch may just need hydraulic fluid.

I have this same problem and I think its the slave cylinder but I'm not sure. Soo hopefully someone answers this question because I wanna know

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sounds to me like it the starter drive not engaging completely have your starter checked i think you might need a new one

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most likely the hydraulic unit is empty and needs replace.To the right of the brake fluid reservoir is a smaller black reservoir for the clutch. Check the level If emptyt ot needs replace ----------------------

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