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Q: Installed turbo on 89 240sx ka24e Have lagging problems and leaning problems Have a 12 to 1 fmu and want to add a secondary inline fuel pump Need to know why it heitates and how to wire in second pump?
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My Sims 3 is lagging very badly I have 8 GB Vista 2 50 GHz and a 7550 Dual-Core Processor I just installed and its lagging horribly Why is it lagging?

Because Vista is crap. I still have vista on my laptop, and it was the same. Make sure you don't have ANY other programs running while you play, and don't add any custom content, or remove any you have downloaded/installed. Good luck!

Why is your sound button lagging windows 8?

Your Windows 8 sound button could be lagging because the system hasn't been installed properly. This could also be due to malware or background programs that are slowing the system down entirely.

What rhymes with lagging?

gagging rhymes with lagging

What problems do old web browser create?

Old web browsers can create a lot of problems like lagging. They are also not compatible with modern day web pages.

Which strand (leading or lagging) will have the okazaki fragments?

The lagging.

Does current or voltage lag in lagging power factor?

By definition, the terms 'leading' and 'lagging' refer to what the load current is doing with respect to the supply voltage. So, for a 'lagging power factor', it is the current that is lagging.

What do you mean lagging in electrical?

Lagging means the current is out of phase, lagging behind, the voltage. This occurs when there is inductive reactance in the circuit, such as with motors and transformers.

What Pokemon uses a lagging tail?

Any Pokemon can hold the Lagging Tail.

Why is runescape still lagging?

it is probably lagging because your in a populated placeor your computer is slow and have virus

Why im you lagging in call of duty 4?

the only way if you are lagging is if your signal is bad for the internet.

How do you use lagging in a sentence?

We should slow down a bit; the little guy is lagging behind.

What does a Lagging power factor mean?

underdampedAnswerA lagging power factor describes a situation in which the load current is lagging the supply voltage. This describes an inductive load, such as a motor, etc.

How is the lagging strand synthesized?

the lagging strand grows in separate pieces, called Okazaki fragments which are joined together by DNA ligase. This means that the lagging strand is synthesized as Okazaki fragments.

On bfbc2 how long do you have to defuse a charge?

depends if your lagging or not. if your laggy about 6 or 7 , if your not lagging about 4 secs.

Leading and lagging power factor?

The terms, 'leading' and 'lagging' refer to what the load current is doing, relative to the supply voltage (Phase difference) -never the other way around. If the current is leading the voltage, then the power factor is 'leading'; if the current is lagging the voltage, then the power factor is 'lagging'.

Where does ssb protein bind on lagging strand or on leading strand?

ssb protein bind to the lagging strand as leading strand is invovled in dna replication and lagging strand is invovled in okazaki fragment formation

What site describes how broadband modems work?

From what I read its about the same as most other types of internet. However Broadband is much faster and does not have the lagging problems that older versions of the internet do.

Sir iam a working engineeri have come to a peculier problem the capacitor bank was installed at a sub-stationwhen capacitor bank is switched on the power factor becomes more lagging?

It's not peculiar. That's a property of capacitors.

Why power factor of coil is lagging?

The coil consists of inductance. Due to inductance the current lags the voltage. So, the power factor is lagging.

What is the meaning of lagging behind?

to fall behind

What is ligase?

This enzyme is used on the lagging strand of DNA and seals the lagging strand to its daughter strand in order to create another double helix DNA

Why Power factor becomes less lagging when capacitor is switched on?

Because capacitor withdraw leading current from source and net resultant become less lagging.

Why wont other Habbo avatars appear on Habbo Hotel?

Its something called "Lagging". Lagging is when your computer or Habbo is slow and still needs loading up.

Is The lagging strand the strands of parental DNA?

which statement about dna replication is correct? A. the leading strand is one of the strands of parnetal Dna b. the leading strand is built continuously, and the lagging strand is built in pieces c. the lagging strand is one of the strands of parental Dna d. Dna ligase helps assemble the leading strand e. the lagging strand is built continuously

What is another name for lagging strands?

Okazaki fragments