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I had a little problem with this at one time but you need to go buy a special wire harness for ur radio...its called a data retention harness it it'll run probably aroung 50 bucks. But what that does is that you have to still have ur old radio hooked up but theres another wire that ataches to it so you can put it in the trunk or mount it somewhere out of the way.its actually really simple to install once you get the wires. I've never actually installed a new stereo in a grand am (I have a 2003) but I've installed many in other cars, usually the best place to go is Best Buy or Circuit City and you can look up the exact make and model of your car then it tells you the exact kit and harness you need. I don't know about a data retention harness but the guys at Best Buy are always helpful and if it comes down to it they'll install in for a fee. It's not anything crazy.

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Q: Installing a stereo in a 2002 Grand Am?
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