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What is a firm?

firm n. 1. A commercial partnership of two or more persons, especially when unincorporated. 2. The name or designation under which a company transacts business. . 3. Any business, sole proprietorship partnership or a corporation. . Source: ( Full Answer )

Can you Name 17 Dutch old firm players?

can only find 12 dutchmen who have played for the old firm= RANGER- van bronckhorst, arthur numan, bert konterman, Michael mols, Ronald de boer, Fernando ricksen & pieter huistra. frank de boer wattereus van vossen theo snellders CELTIC- Jan venegoor of hesselink, evander sno, bobby petra, regi bli ( Full Answer )

What does LLP mean at the end of the name of a law firm?

I believe that LLP would be Limited Liability Practice. Same as PC at the end of a Law firm means Professional Corporation. or LLC-Limited Liability Corporation.... This simply shows the public, based on various state laws, that the Law firm has been incorporated.

Name the interior planets?

i am doing a class worksheet, and i have a question what are the interior planets?. it kinda surprised me that you guys dont have it answered.. but it will really help me out if you did.. thanks.

What does SC stand for after a law firms name?

Some large international partnerships use a form of organization called a Swiss "Society Cooperatif" . Roughly speeking it is a partnership of partnerships. The individual national parttnerships would each be a member of the SC.

Has anyone heard of a marketing firm named Polaris NYC?

Yes, they do B2B sales and run a management training program kind of like Enterprise Rent-A-Car's. I worked there for 3 months during the summer and did okay. I didn't have any sales experience. I would say this is a good job for someone starting entry level or for someone that has no experience in ( Full Answer )

What is name of tool used to firm coffee in espresso filter?

The "tamper" or "packer" as it is sometimes called - comes in several sizes. Measured in mm, corresponding to the filter basket width for proper insertion of the base. 56, 57, 58 mm are the standard sizes. Home espresso machines come with cheap plastic versions of the tamper that is usually - for co ( Full Answer )

What is the name of the firm that is giving Bernie Madoff tips on how to survive prison life?

Bernie Madoff's attorney is Ira Sorkin. But, the name of the firm that is counseling Madoff on prison life is the National Center for Institutions and Alternatives, based in Maryland. . This is the same firm that counseled Martha Stewart. This firm as well as others assists offenders in avoiding ( Full Answer )

What is the name of west ham's firm?

Isn't it something like the 'inter city crew' based on their method of travel when they started in the seventies? it is called the icf meaning inter city firm

Name and describe the regions in the interior of the Sun?

the regions are, in order from surface to center: the surface, which is 10,000 degrees F. then there is the convection zone, then the radiation zone. Finally, we reach the core which is 27,000,000 degrees F.

Does the name and position of a visitor and the firm showned by a badge?

I am not sure what you are asking about, but I know that when we have a visitor to our building we can choose what we want to show on the badge (name, company, access level, etc.). We use a visitor management system called Lobby Track. It works with all our database quirks and you can customize it t ( Full Answer )

What is a good business name for a law firm?

The names of the partnering attorneys is always a good name for the firm. A law firm is not the place to be clever. "Ambulance Chasers" for example, would not be a good choice for a personal injury practice. Keep it simple, to the point and dignified.

Why you write MS before firms name?

You don't . Ms. is a designation only for a woman who is single, marital status unknown, or a lady who has indicated this is how she prefers to be addressed . MS would only be appropriate for MS Magazine , if you are writing to them, or a company who incorporates MS into it's business name .

What is the Firm?

A Firm is a lawyer's office where you can go if you need a lawyer.

IS there a company in England by the name of Warbington Loan Firm?

I have been dealing with a firm by this name for almost a year now trying to get a loan, all I get is a run around. I have spent nearly $10,000 trying to get a $50,000 loan from them. They blame the bank they are dealing with, but I have no clue if they are legit or one well organized fraud. I canno ( Full Answer )

What is the name of the dry grasslands of the interior of Australia?

There are very few true grasslands remaining in Australia, and nonein the dry interior, as grasslands require moisture. Any grasslandsare still within several hundred kilometres of the coast, not inthe dry interior, and there is no specific name for these.

What are the names of some top SEO firms?

Seo firms in the United States are ranked based on time in business, client groups, number of employees, and the cost involved. Distilled ranks highest, followed by Higher Visibility, and Blue Grass.

What is the name of the top website design firm?

The name of the top web site design firm is arguably CLiCKZY Creative. You can hire CLiCKZY to design your website by phone at (703) 567-4330. You can also contact them by email on their website.

What are the names of two family law firms in Winnipeg?

There are two law firms in Winnipeg Manitoba specializing in family law. These are Filmore Riley LLP and Harrison Law Office. There a more individuals listed as specialist in this area working for Filmore Riley LLP.