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Is Apple as innocent as they seem?

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July 16, 2015 6:09PM

If you're asking about their resistance to spy ware, ad ware, and viruses, yes they are. Apple is no fluffy manufacturer though. Their computers use UNIX, arguably the most powerful and robust system in existence, and they put a very nice GUI (graphical user interface) on top of it to control it. So instead of seeing a command line, you see a mouse and pretty icons. This is the same idea Windows stole from them when they first came out. The difference is, Windows runs over DOS rather than UNIX. DOS is infinitely easier to hack into and break down than UNIX. Apple's operating system, OS X, is heralded as the most advanced and easiest to use in the computer industry.

In terms of the company itself, they are like any other company: not "innocent" nor "evil", but their primary goal is profit. Apple does tend to focus on long-term profit by doing what they can to keep their reputation as "the good guys"; for example, unlike some computer manufacturers, they have never included any spy ware or ad ware on their computers. Although they were required by the record labels to include DRM on iTunes music, this DRM has become less and less restrictive as time has gone on, and they're currently trying to eliminate it altogether. Make no mistake, though: these superficially noble attributes are being pursued solely because in the long run they are profitable for Apple.


A little too much opinion in the previous comment - and it does not really answer the vague question. As far as Microsoft Windows "stealing" the GUI from Apple, keep in mind Apple "stole" it from Xerox PARC.


The first successful commercial GUI product was the Apple Macintosh, which was heavily inspired by PARC's work; Xerox was given Apple stock in exchange for engineer visits and an understanding that Apple would create a GUI product. Much later, in the midst of the Apple vs. Microsoft lawsuit in which Apple accused Microsoft of violating its copyright by appropriating the use of the "look and feel" of the Macintosh GUI, Xerox also sued Apple on the same grounds.

its does but in another way it isn't. from:sam that works in the mac company. i appreciate your honour.

Another Opinion

Apple are a company aimed at making profit. They are just like any other multi-national corporation such as Coca-Cola and Shell. They have done good and bad business practices in order to get where they are, (e.g. not recycling e-waste initially, and their recent drive to help the environment). I don't believe them to be innocent.Apple are as innocent as OJ!