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Is Betty Crocker Super Moist cake mix two tier?


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November 27, 2012 10:43PM

Depends on the size of the cake. When I'm making a cake I use one box for one tier. The sizes are on the back of the box. If using round cake pans they show two cakes but they're not very thick cakes. Tiers are usually at least 3" thick. The cakes are usually only 1-2" baked (2 - 9" rounds)

My advice is to google ( has a good size chart) how many boxes per pan you need for the size cake you're trying to make.

I have used that cake mix before for a 4 tier round cake. I used a thread to split both cakes in half and cooled them down. I then put one of the tops of the cake facing down on the plate and began layering and filling.