Is Christian metal unchristian?

I know of no musical genre to be 'unchristian'. A musical artist can be many things as well as 'unchristian' and there lyrics reflect as such.

Many heavy metal bands use E Minor chords, referred to as the devil's interval, which does sound scary, the exact sound you hear in the background of horror films. Classical music has many tri-tones in the composition. If Bethoven were alive today, I belive he woulf be the front man of a heavy metal band.

A few notable heavy metals songs infamous for this sound is Motley Crue's 'Children of the Beast', Led Zeppelin's 'Stairway to Heaven'

Black Sabbath invented this sound, the excessive use of the devil's interval and later in times Ozzy's 'Mr Crowly' uses it as well. An on another note, The Eagle's 'Hotel California' is about the same Alistair Crowley, who founded a satanic church on Hotel street in California, which also uses E minor.

Scary sells albums and the fans love it!

Writing scaring music does not always makes the writer evil.

Authors and writer fall under the same stereo types. Could one rightly say that Bram Stoker is evil for writing Dracula or William Blatty for writing The Exorcist?

Music and film is an artistic interpretation of ones feelings, fears, hopes disappointments, etc..

"I didn't think I was going to make devil music," says Tony Iommi of Birmingham's metal pioneers Black Sabbath, who used the diminished fifth on the band's 1970 debut to doom-laden effect. "It was just something that sounded right."