Is Crispus Attucks black?

Crispus Attucks was a biracial African Native American person, sometimes called a 'Black Indian'. Contrary to popular beliefe Crispus Attucks was not simply black as people in his time and place defined it. Attucks was the product of the union of a African man who was an escaped slave and a woman of the woman Natick band of the Massachusett, Wampanoag Indians . (1,2)

By the one drop rule used in today's world, African Americans claim him as just black.

By the rules of matrilineal descent that the Indians of that region use Attucks would have been considered an Indian because he was the son of one of their women.

Attucks may also have been some part white, in records from his time he is sometimes called a mulatto, but I can find no document to support that.

The bottom line is that both African Americans and Native Americans can claim him as one of their own.(3)