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Is Cuba in South America?


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Cuba is a part of North America, just because it is a Spanish speaking country does not mean that it is in South America.

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Cuba is located in Central America.

Cuba is considered part of North America.

In general, Latin America is made up of three regions: South America, Caribbean and Middle America. Cuba is a nation in the Caribbean.

Cuba is not in South Africa, nor is it on the African continent, it is in North/ central America

It is the Caribbean Sea that lies north of South America and south of Cuba. Use the link below to see a map and learn more.

He found what is now Cuba but it is a part of North America not South America.

Jamaica is not part of South America. Jamaica is an island that is located south of Cuba, in the Caribbean Sea.

Latin America does include South America, but it also includes Mexico and all those islands around where Cuba is.

North central. The Caribbean Sea is bounded by South America to the south, the Virgin Islands chain from Anguilla to Grenada in the east, by Puerto Rico and Cuba on the north, and Central America to the west. Jamaica is just south of Cuba; about the center of the Caribbean from east to west, but much closer to Cuba than to South America.

Puerto Rico is not on South America, its in the Carribean. Its close to Cuba, Domonican Repulbil etc.

It is an island south of Florida.

Cuba was an early colony in the exploration of Spain in the Western Hemisphere. Often it was a staging base for Spanish expeditions into both North and South America.

North of South America. To the right of Colombia; north of Brazil; and south of Cuba.

Swallows migrate in winter to Cuba and South America.

America did not colonize Cuba, Spain colonized Cuba.

cuba is in central America

Cuba.CubaCubaCuba is due south.Cuba.The country that is directly south of Florida is the country of Cuba. Cuba's official name is actually the Republic of Cuba.

NO they are west of Cuba. Jamaica is southof Cuba:)

no it is south-east of cuba

South of Cuba, West of Central America, North of Columbia

No, Haiti is located right below cuba in the carribean.

No. They Live In South America. Mostly Brazil And Argentina.

The Caribbean Sea is what does and it's a part of the Atlantic.

Its in Latin America in central America near south America and right next to Honduras and Cuba , portirico , and much more.

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