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Is Final Fantasy XII a little overrated because the characters like Vaan have Partial Nudity and is it mature im 10 yrs old and im getting it for Christmas i know its rated T but is it overrated?


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September 13, 2011 2:01AM

Its not over rated. Its one of the best FF's.

Dang right

It is one of the best FF's, and also one of the longest, as I played it for well over 50 hours with just the plot, and there's even more to do, as it is completely different than any other final fantasies because of its battle system.

I think that it is Final Fantasy 9 done right, as both Vaan and Zidane are thieves who are involved with princesses of famous places, and that princess also is a summoner. Plus, Captain Basch is like Captain Adelbert Steiner from Final fantasy 9, but 12 is a WHOLE LOT BETTER THAN 9.

There are many, many summons, and you make your people have any weapon you want them to have, at any time, if you have the license for your board.

I wouldn't call it partial nudity, but there is some skin (vaan's abs, and the bunny's "pants"), and with that new camera angle, you can do some weird stuff with Fran in the party, or so I've heard!