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Is Goofy a dog or a cow?

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2011-10-11 03:30:06

It is a major controversy, but no one really knows, they just

guess. Here are some arguments for and against:

Walt Disney wanted the animals to NOT be transspecial

dating. That is why Mickey and Minny MOUSE date, as do the ducks.

Goofy dates Clarabell, so why wouldn't he be a cow?

If Goofy was a dog, wouldn't he bark at least once? Pluto barks

all the time, but Goofy never does.

Pluto has paws, but Goofy has three fingers on his hand.

Doesn't that mean that he's a cow, since cows have three


A dog, but i really never understood why Pluto walks on all four

paws and goofy doesn't and why goofy drives a car and Pluto


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2020-05-14 20:11:31


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