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Yes, Iraq is in Asia, Middle East.

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Is Iraq located in Africa or Asia?

Iraq is in Asia.

Is Iraq in Africa?

No, its in Asia.Iraq is not in Africa it is in Asia.

Does Iraq belong to Asia or Africa?

Iraq belongs to Asia.

Is Iraq a part of Asia or Europe?

Iraq is part of asia

What continent is balad iraq in?

As Iraq is wholly a part of Asia, the city of Balad in Iraq is in Asia.

Is Iraq in the continent of Asia?

Yes. Iraq is wholly on the continent of Asia.

Is Iraq near Asia?

Iraq is in southwest Asia, which is also called the Middle East.

Where is Babylon Europe or Asia?

Iraq, Asia

What continent are Iran and Iraq on?

Iraq and Iran are in Asia.

Is Irag belong to Asia?

Yes, Iraq is in Asia

Is the Sahara Desert in Iraq?

no, it's in Africa..and Iraq is in Asia

What continent is Iraq in?


What continent contains Iraq?

If you adhere to the seven continents model: Iraq is in Western Asia, specifically the Middle East. So it is therefore on the continent of Asia.If you adhere to the five continents model: Iraq is part of the continent of Eurasia.Iraq is a country in Asia.

What continent does Iraq belong to?

oddly enough,iraq and the entire middle east falls under asia._______________________________________________What exactly is odd about Iraq falling under Asia?

Is Iraq located in Africa?

No Iraq is located in the Middle East of Asia

What continent contains Iraq and Afghanistan?

Iraq and Afghanistan are countries of Asia.

Is Iraq located in the middle east of Asia?

Iraq is located in Eurasia.

What region of Asia is Iraq in?

Iraq falls in the middle east countries.

What continent is the country Iraq located?

iraq is located in the continent of ASIA

Is Iraq south Asia or south east Asia?

Neither. It's in Southwest Asia.

Is Iraq in the south west or south east Asia?

Iraq is in southwest Asia, which is also called the Middle East. Southeast Asia would be near Thailand and Vietnam.

Are Iran and Iraq in Asia?


What continent are Israel and Iraq in?


What contient is Iraq in?

the continent is Asia

Is Iraq in Europe?

No, it´s in Asia.

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