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Is John Breaux being considered for Vice President?

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No, he's too conservative.

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When was John Breaux born?

John Breaux was born on March 1, 1944.

What is the birth name of John Breaux?

John Breaux's birth name is Breaux, John Berlinger.

How old is John Breaux?

John Breaux is 67 years old (birthdate: March 1, 1944).

What is John Breaux's birthday?

John Breaux was born on March 1, 1944.

Why didn't John F. Kennedy get paid for being president?

Why didn't John F. Kennedy get paid for being president?

What happened to the president before John Tyler?

The president before John Tyler was president William Harison he died after 4 weeks of being president

What was John Quincy famous for?

being a president

Why is John James Adams famous for?

John Adams was famous for being a President and being in the Revolutionary War!!

Did john q Adams have any jobs prior to being president?

Before he was president, John Quincy was a lawer.

What did John Tyler achieve as being ten president?

John Tyler won best vice president reward.

The tradition of the vice president being sworn in as president after a president died started with who?

John Tyler

What president was a Confederate congressman after being president?

John Tyler was a representative to the Confederate Congress after he was President.

Why did John Adams stop being president?

Answer: John Adams stoped being president in the year of 1801. i also needed this information for my project! it was very helpful to me and i hope it is to you!

Who else was considered to be the 1st president besides George Washington?

John Hanson was President of Congress Assembled.

President declared the Americanshenceforth not to be considered as subjects for colonization by any European power?

President John Monroe

What is John F. Kennedy your 35th president famous for?

for being an assassinated president

Why did John Adams hate being vice president?

because he wanted to be the president instead

What was John F. Kennedy's accomplishments?

being president

Did John Fitzgerald Kennedy like being president why?


What year did John Adam start being president?


What is John Quincy Adams most famous for?

being a president

How did John Quincy Adams feel about being president?

he loved it

Was Jefferson the third president?

Yes, Jefferson was the third president, George Washington being the first, and John Adams being the second.

What was John F. Kennedy's salary as president?

Kennedy did not accept a salary for being President.

Which presidents were member of congress after being president?

John Quincy Adams was the only one to serve in the House after being President. Andrew Johnson was a senator after his time as president.