Is Luxembourg in France?

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No, Luxembourg is a country in its own right.
It is surrounded by France, Germany and Belgium.
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What is the population of Luxembourg?

Luxembourg, a constitutional monarchy, is an independent sovereign state. It is 84 kilometers, or 51.7 miles long and 52 kilometers, or 32 miles wide, encompassing an area of 2586 square kilometers or 999 square miles. The population of Luxombourg, as of January 1, 2006, was 459,500.

What is the motto of Luxembourg?

Answer . Mir wëlle bleiwe wat mir sinn in Luxebourgish; English translation "We wish to remain what we are"

Where is Luxembourg?

Luxembourg is a landlocked country in northwest Europe, bordered byBelgium, Germany, and France. It lies South of Belgium, West ofGermany, and East of France. Luxembourg was created as a duchy in 1354, and ruled successivelyby Burgundy, Spain, Austria, and France between 1443 and 1797. Itwas made a ( Full Answer )

What is the capital of Luxembourg?

Luxembourg City is the capital and largest city inLuxembourg, officially the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Luxembourg city. Luxembourg is the capital city ofLuxembourg.

Where is Luxembourg gardens?

In Paris, France. It's the garden of the Senate (the upper house of french Parliament) and it's the biggest garden in Paris.. At night, it turns to be a military camp forbidden to anybody.

What is Luxembourg famous for?

For British people over the age of about 45, Luxembourg is probablymost famous for it's former English language radio station whichbroadcast popular music in competition to the monolithic BBC. It is also famous for exports, such as oil, rubber products, andchemicals.

Who is the president of Luxembourg?

Luxembourg has no president. It is a Grand Duchy, currently ruled by Grand Duke Henri. The current Prime Minister of Luxembourg is Jean-Claude Juncker.

What does Luxembourg produce?

Some of the things produced by Luxembourg are steel, iron, tires,aluminum, and glass. A good deal of information technology alsocomes out of Luxembourg.

What are the clothes in Luxembourg?

Whatever gets you through the day - I mean it - you can see absolutely everything, from business suits to shorts and flipflops.

Is Luxembourg small?

Yes, only because the Nazi's and the French and the Belgium took away it's land in the 1940's but even then it was small.

How did Luxembourg get its name?

The tiny country Luxemburg got its name from a castle, which dates back to the Roman Empire. The castle became the residence of the counts of the Ardennes 963, which from 1083 was called the county of Luxemburg. Its count Henri VII was elected to German king 1308 and his dynasty became one of Europe ( Full Answer )

When did Germany go through Luxembourg to get to France during World War 1?

Because France had put up virtually no defenses along the Belgo-Luxembourg border (because Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg had declared their neutrality) the Germans simply "walked around" the massive defenses that the French had put up on the Franco-German border.

What does Luxembourg export?

For long it was steel, now it has spread to others such as chemical and rubber products.

What is there for tourists to do in Luxembourg?

there are several walks that weave in and out of one another all over Luxembourg. there is also a deep lake that has been converted into a beach with spaces for barbeques and open fires. there are either five or six different regions in Luxembourg that all hold different walks.

What does Luxembourg mean?

Luxembourg is a small country in western Europe. It has apopulation of approximately 549,680 people. The area was originallycalled Lucilinburhuc.

Was Luxembourg ever a colony of France?

Luxembourg wasn't a colony per se, but it was under French military occupation during Napoleonic times and Napoleon bequethed the codified sytem of laws and driving on the right side of the road among other things.

What do they eat in Luxembourg?

A couple of things they eat are Ham Am Hee which is ham cooked on hay or Taipen which is black pudding sausages made out of pigs organs

What is the climate in Luxembourg?

Let's put it this way: If you get a really sunny day, you should immediately call in sick and find yourself a nice open pool (among the 5-6 throughout the entire Duchy) and enjoy yourself. It will not last.. Winters are not extremely cold, temperatures rarely below 0 Celsius, summers not extremely ( Full Answer )

What is the religion in Luxembourg?

Under Luxembourg law it is actually illegal to ask anyone what their religion is, however Luxembourg is overwhelmingly Roman Catholic. Since 1979 it has been illegal for the government to collect statistics on religious beliefs or practices.[1] It is estimated by the CIA Factbook that 87% of Luxembo ( Full Answer )

What is Luxembourg?

Luxembourg is a country in Western Europe that has borders withGermany, France, and Belgium. The capital of this country isLuxembourg City. The total area of this country is 2,586.4 squarekilometers.

What is good about Luxembourg?

Luxembourg although not located near a coast offers spectacular terrain particually the mullerthal reigion or known as "little sitzerland". although i prefer the town of ecternach the little village of larrochette is a must see.

German lightning war used against Poland Denmark Norway Belgium the Netherlands Luxembourg France Yugoslavia and Greece?

Blitzkrieg Germany successfully used the Blitzkrieg tactic against Poland (attacked in September 1939), Denmark (April 1940), Norway (April 1940), Belgium (May 1940), the Netherlands (May 1940), Luxembourg (May 1940), France (May 1940), Yugoslavia (April 1941), and Greece (April 1941). Germany did ( Full Answer )

Is Luxembourg in Switzerland?

No, Luxembourg ans Switzerland are two separate independent countries. Luxembourg sits between France, Belgium, Holland and Germany. It is a tiny country but known for its financial centers.

What is famous about Luxembourg?

victor Hugo lived there and they only had one olympic gold winner in Luxembourg named josy barthel victor Hugo lived there and they only had one olympic gold winner in Luxembourg named josy barthel

Of what culture region are Belgium France Luxembourg Netherlands considered part?

Belgium, France, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands are part of the northern Eurpean culture region. Specifically, the four countries make up the Frankish , or French-speaking, parts of that region. Indeed, each one of the four has French-speaking populations. The populations may be in the minority, ( Full Answer )

Is Luxembourg a neighbor of France?

near mainland France, clockwise from the North: Belgium - Luxembourg - Germany - Switzerland - Italy - (then theMediterranean sea) Spain - (then the Atlantic) - Great-Britain (across the Englishchannel) Luxembourg and France share a border.

Why did the Germans so quickly defeat the Netherlands Luxembourg Belgium and France?

Answer 1 The germans quikly defeated the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium,and France because Luxembourg and Netherlands surrendered quickly.But i do not know about the other two. Answer 2 In World War II, Germany used the very-effective blitzkrieg tactic,which surrounded their adversaries and so ( Full Answer )

Is Luxembourg socialist?

Yes. The current parliament of of Luxembourg is a coalition of two socialist parties; the Christian Social Party (CSV) and the Socialist Party (LSAP).

Who are the Monarchs of Luxembourg?

The Monarchs of Luxembourg are the Grand Dukes (or Grand Duchess of Luxembourg). They are drawn from the Royal House of Nassau-Weilburg which in turn, is a cadet branch of the Royal House of Bourbon which, again in turn, is a cadet branch of the Royal House of Capet.

Is Luxembourg in Brazil?

No, it is in Europe. It is a small duchy between Belgium, France and Germany.

Does Luxembourg have a king?

No, Luxembourg has not a king but a Grand Duke, grand duke Henri and his wife grand duchess Maria-Theresa.

Is there a zoo in Luxembourg?

amniville zoo is just over the border from Luxembourg, and that's the closest zoo to Luxembourg itself.

How do the house in Luxembourg?

it looks like little mansions all pact together fancy small on the outside big on the inside

Luxembourg is in what country?

Luxembourg is the name of a city and a country. The city ofLuxembourg is the country called Luxembourg. It is located in thecontinent of Europe.

Is Luxembourg in Britain?

No. It is on the mainland of Europe. Britain is an island off thecoast of Europe, consisting of England, Scotland and Wales.

Who is luxembourgs president?

Luxembourg hasn't an president,it's a grand-duchy.The grand duke is "Henri von Nassau-Weilburg"(English:Henry of Nassau-Weilburg).The next grand duke is his son , prince Guillaume.

What is Luxembourg ham?

Luxembourg is a type German, French and Belgian cuisine. So the ham is a type of German, French and Belgian kind of ham. :) Hope it helps

What region is Luxembourg?

Luxembourg, together with Belgium and the Netherlands are oftenreferred to as the Benelux countries. Luxembourg is also in Europe. Luxembourg, together with Belgium and the Netherlands are oftenreferred to as the Benelux countries. Luxembourg is also in Europe. Luxembourg, together with Belgium an ( Full Answer )

Why is Luxembourg properous?

Luxembourg has been associated with many wealthy nations, such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and France. Through interactions and relations with these countries, Luxembourg has grown in parallel to their economies. Luxembourg is a member of Benelux and a founder of the European Union.

Is Luxembourg a continent?

No, it is a country. It is in the continent of Europe. No, it is a country. It is in the continent of Europe. No, it is a country. It is in the continent of Europe. No, it is a country. It is in the continent of Europe. No, it is a country. It is in the continent of Europe. No, it is a country. ( Full Answer )

What is the exports of Luxembourg?

Luxembourg Exports Exports in Luxembourg decreased to 834 EUR Million in August of 2012 from 892.20 EUR Million in July of 2012. Exports in Luxembourg is reported by the Banque Centrale du Luxembourg. Historically, from 1988 until 2012, Luxembourg Exports averaged 669.7 EUR Million reaching an al ( Full Answer )

Was Luxembourg part of France?

Yes, Luxembourg was originally a part of the country called France. The area of Luxembourg encompasses about 409 square miles and is one of the smallest countries in the world.