Is Push Traffic and John Raygoza a scam?

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The answer to this question changes back and forth depending on contributors - A search on Google for "Push traffic and John Raygoza" also results with conflicting answers. It seems that the service being offered requires a sizable investment with results that may have not worked for some, which is then countered with success stories.

It appears as though John Raygoza gained knowledgeable experience at a young age and expanded with a niche for SEO through work experience in the early internet marketing age resulting in a category for being an expert in that field. Anyone could effectively become the same with that level of expertise by studying and research SEO for a few years, but he will probably remain on top in that success as being one the first.

From "about us" page

John Paul Raygoza started the landmark Internet marketing company PushTraffic at the impressive age of 26 years old. Since then, PushTraffic has more than quadrupled in size and relocated its headquarters twice, eventually landing in a prominent locale in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. Raygoza generates up to 3.6 million in sales a year. Statistics such as these are virtually unheard of in the Internet marketing industry.

Prior to PushTraffic, Raygoza worked for a major web hosting corporation that ultimately sold for $100 million dollars in March 2007. From that company Raygoza took his experiences and building expertise to contrive one of the most profitable and successful Internet Marketing corporations to date. Backed by an impressive marketing team and knowledgeable experts, he shows that there is almost no limit to how far one man's dreams can go.
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BuyGucciShoes has a very high scam warning. Reviewed by ScamAdvisor, a free online independent and bias-free website scanner, BuyGucciShoes should be avoided at all costs. See the related link below.

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This company is a real business. I see students on my campus driving these cars and trucks with ad logos all the time. Every time I walk to my car I see ads everywhere in the parking lot. The ad companies are making a lot of money from all this advertising. Of coarse they could afford to pay you to ( Full Answer )

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