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That all depends on the driver. Just to let you know, you will be paying out the wazoo for insurance on a Wrangler. It's a higher liability if it doesn't have a hard top. The auto trans in the wrangler is horrible... plus they usually dont last long... i know for a FACT that the manual trans last 10 years or so... anyways... good buy, they are fun and easy to work on.. have a ball lataaaaaaaaaaa

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โˆ™ 2006-11-28 10:43:37
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Q: Is a 1991 Jeep Wrangler 4L Inline-6 3 speed auto drum brakes average condition a good first car for a 16 yr old?
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After changing plugs and wire on a 1997 jeep wrangler what will make?

Price brakes most expensive brakes and roters for 1992 jeep wrangler

Should Brakes be kept in a good condition?

should brakes be kept in a good condition

Why are the rear brakes on a jeep wrangler used more than front brakes?

becasuse its a rear wheel drive vehicle

Will 15 inch wheels clear the brakes on a 07 jeep wrangler?

Probably not.

Does a 2000 Jeep have 4 rotors?

The grand Cherokee does have four wheel disc brakes. The wrangler and Cherokee have rear drum brakes.

When your brakes overheat and lose the effectiveness the condition is called?

Loss of brakes

When changing the rear brakes on 88 wrangler does the long pad go to front or rear?


What is the acceleration when a car is slowing down?

negative acceleration (deceleration) this is a very vague question as there are so many factors to consider: are the brakes appled, how much of the brakes are applied, condition of brakes, condition of the tyres, suspension setup, clutch slipping, condition of cv joints, surface the car is traveling on

About how many feet will the average driver going 50 mph travel from the moment he sees danger until he hits the brakes is it 119 or 229 feet to stop?

It will take an average of 229 feet to stop after going 50 miles per hours after seeing danger to stop. This will vary according to condition of brakes and drivers reaction time.

How do you adjust the stars to loosen the rear brakes on 98 jeep wrangler?

there is a rubber plug on the back of the brake plate below the axle, pop this off and use a flat bladed screwdriver stuck into to rotate the star to loosen the brakes.

How many feet or yard it will take a car to stop if going 20 mph?

That varies a lot depending upon what kind of car it is, what kind of brakes it has, what kind of tires, the condition of the tires, the condition of the brakes, how much weight it is carrying, what is the road condition, is there snow, ice, or rain on the road.

How much does the average brake replacement cost?

I just had the front brakes 'done'. I called about 6 places, some named brand and some 'garage', and the average cost was about $130-$140. This includes new pads and resurfacing. Also realize my front brakes are disc brakes, my rear brakes are drum brakes. Drum brakes are about $50-$60 more. They broke it down to $60 parts $70 labor.

Do you need to repack the brakes on my 2007 gmc savana?

Assuming you mean "replace" the brakes, the brakes should be inspected for condition every time the vehicle is serviced and repairs, if any needed, should be done at that time.

Can a fully loaded van going 45MPH stop in 4 seconds?

Yes. When it hits a brick wall it will stop in a lot less than that. In normal circumstances, it will depend on how hard the brakes are hit, the condition of the brakes, the road condition, etc.

How many seconds to stop at 30 mph?

That depends on the driver's reaction time, the weight of the car, the condition of the brakes, and the composition and condition of the pavement.

How do you fix the brakes stuck on a 1991 Honda accord?

It is illegal to repair brakes by an average person take the vehicle to a qualified person.

What is the cost to repair brakes?

The average cost to repair your brakes varies according to what is actually wrong with the brakes. The estimated cost for your problem is around seventy-five to one hundred dollars.

How much do brakes for an Acura RSX cost?

The cost for brakes on the Acura RSX vary slightly by retailer. On average the brakes range in price of 250.00 to 320.00. This cost does not include installation and labor.

How do I know when it's time to change the brakes on my car?

You should bring your car in to a shop or a place like auto zone etc. They will inform you on the condition of your brakes and when they need to be changed out.

What is average cost of brakes being repaired?

The average cost for a brake job to be done on most automobiles and trucks, depends on what type of vehicle that you drive. A less expensive car front brakes can range between $40-150 for a truck $100-300 and back brakes are higher.

How fast does the average car decelerate when maximum brakes are applied?

60-0 in around 135 feet is about average.

How much should it cost to replace brakes on a 2004 Subaru Impreza?

The average cost to replace brakes on your 2004 Subaru is $70 per wheel. The cost to replace brakes will vary depending on several factors.

What is your vehicles reaction distance when traveling at 40 mph if you are in good mental and physical condition?

You might be in good condition but what about the road condition (wet, icy), the state of you tyres (good tread or worn), the state of your brakes?

Why does your passenger tire smoke Jeep Wrangler when you drive your 1995 wrangler?

Maybe a frozen brake caliper yes most definatley a frozen brake caliper or possibly a pebble or small rock lodged between the pad and the rotor. I had this same problem with my 93 YJ new brakes and it was good.

How much does it cost to repair auto brakes?

If you are wondering the cost of repairing auto brakes because you have been hearing a lot of squealing and squeaking in your brakes whenever you drive, then the average cost is around 200-300 dollars.