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Both the United States and Mexico recognize marriages performed in other jurisdictions as long as the marriage was legal in the jurisdiction it was performed. Both countries, however, reserve the right to reject a marriage which is "against public policy" (e.g., incestuous or polygamous marriages). As for same-sex marriages, they are recognized by Mexico and all Mexican states, but not by the federal government in the United States and not by most U.S. states. I believe you are asking if a previous marriage performed in Mexico will prevent you from marrying someone else in the United States. That answer is YES. When you apply for a marriage license, you will need to state how many times you were married before. If you lie and say you were not married, then you are committing the crime of bigamy and your newly attempted marriage is fraudulent and invalid. If you tell the truth and say you were previously married in Mexico, you will be asked to show how that marriage ended (whether in divorce, annulment or death of one spouse). If your previous marriage was a same-sex marriage and you are seeking to marry in a U.S. state that does not recognize same-sex marriage, then presumably you would be allowed to marry someone of the opposite sex as the same-sex marriage is considered invalid.

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No a license has no legal standing. However, a legal marriage in Mexico is binding in the US, a certificate of marriage is needed.

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The license must be issued by the county where the ceremony is to take place. A legal marriage in Mexico is valid in the US.

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Q: Is a Mexican marriage license legal in the US?
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A Mexican nationale has children by a Mexican woman says he is not legally married but is considered married because of the children. Is he free to marry a US citizen in his country or in the US?

In US law a common law marriage does have some legal standing; but is not considered a legal marriage. In most cases a legal marriage anywhere in the world is considered legal in the United States. Therefore if Mexico considers you to be married then the US does too.

Will you be able to get married in Georgia with a Mexican passport and Mexican ID?

Yes. There is no citizenship requirement for marriage in the US. A foreign passport should be enough for you to obtain a marriage license in any of the 50 US states. Showing a matricula consular with a US address may be a bad idea.

If a us citizen gets married in nigeria is it legal in the states?

If the marriage was conducted legally in the other country, the US will recognize the marriage is valid.

If two us citizens marry outside the us is the marriage legal in the us?

Yes, it can be. You need to bring copies of your marriage certificate and license to file with your state and county recorder. Otherwise your marriage may not be recognized in all cases.

We have a Jamaica marriage certificate but never registered it in the US AND we never got a marriage license but we were still able to get married in Jamaica are we legally married in the US?

If the marriage was legal in Jamaica and registered there, then, yes, you are legally married in the U.S.

Is a US marriage between a US citizen and a Mexican citizen of the same sex legal for purposes of immigration?

Yes, beginning in June 2013, same-sex marriages are legal for the purposes of US Immigration Law, as long as they were legal in the place where they were performed.

Is a marriage license from Scotland valid in the US?

No it is not a valid license. However, a properly executed marriage in Scotland will be legally recognized in the US with a Certificate of Marriage from Scotland.

Is a marriage that takes place overseas to an immigrant legal and binding in the US?

If the marriage was legal where it was performed, the US will recognize it as a legal marriage, with the responsibilities and obligations expected.

Can I drive in the US with a Mexican driver license?

No you can not

Are you married in California if you have marriage license in Nevada?

Yes, all states are required by the constitution to honor the laws of another state. Hence the large uproar over gay marriages recently performed in CA. Another example is the trouble Ca. had over their taxing cars coming from other states without the Ca emissions package, the state eventually had to refund the fees collected

You were married abroad Do you need a US marriage license?

You are already married, you can't apply for a license. The US will recognize a valid marriage in another country.

How do you get a us marriage license for Romaina?

You do not need to. The license and certificate will be issued by Romania.